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Big Game SUV Hunting

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This is pretty funny. I think I'm in for this sport, I totally hate these people who drive these things when they don't need them!
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I like the handy "Sue this Website" link LOL

BTW I think pickups should be fair game; especially the full size. theyr're everwhere out here and all in pristine never-seen-so-much-as-a-dirt-road condition. If people only knew how inherently unstable these things were they'd run in fear. Great for pounding cars though :
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Don't forget the "changable" ones. TOTALLY REDICULOUS! :
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I'll send you my brother's address. He lives in Ogden. Two in the driveway ready to be tagged.
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For potential legal reasons, I cannot confirm or deny any rumors that I might be an avid SUV tagger.

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I prefer a more senseable vehicle.
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