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Self Proclaimed Intelligence

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Some recent postings had me thinking about the clear irony of the need to "prove" how intelligent one is. Poking around the net I found this:

I looked at the rest of the guys site, and it appears to be genuine! Very very funny!

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That is really funny stuff! Did anybody else notice that he quoted himself? How about the fact that he is a cab driver? My personal favorite is in the area consisting of the books that he has read, best one by far: Idiot's Guide to Sex on the Internet! Wile E. Coyote, Freelance Genius.

Edits due to reading further into this site.

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Yep, it is hilarious!

Now - I don't doubt that one can be in any profession and be intelligent. So I don't want to pass judgement on the cabdriver bit. But the poor grammer, the photo of the guy, the ranting about himself . . . overall its pretty darn silly!

I emailed him and thanked him for the entertainment!
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Don't care how smart he is! He's ugly and i wouldnt go out with him! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

But even funnier are the recent posts that show the irony of people having to prove how stupid they are, just in case we hadnt figured it out in the first place!
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another interesting pattern is how the folks who have the most invested in having themselves seen as "intelligent" are those most apt to have their buttons pushed by having that "persona" tweaked a little here and there.

"i'm smart. take my word for it."

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Yep. Great skiers don't need to tell everybody how great they are, great musicians don't have to brag about their skills, and truly intelligent people . . .

The thing about intelligence though, is that I think most people naturally assume that we are more intelligent than most others. Traits such as being physically stronger than most people are difficult to maintain illusions about because they are so practically measurable. However intelligence is a much tricker variable. Abilities at things such as language and math are not clear proof, because education plays such an enormous role in these things. A monkey can learn to sign out big words

Anyways, it is a very entertaining site, although perhaps a bit scary too. The whole thing seems just unstable enough that any critique might send such a person into a vengeful rampage with automatic weapons!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Todd M.:
The whole thing seems just unstable enough that any critique might send such a person into a vengeful rampage with automatic weapons!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

And you e-mailed him thanking him for the entertainment? You must be amazing to ski with, 'cause you have guts!
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I wish I could laugh. How depressing.

To quote the gun dealer in Jumanji:

"You aren't a postal worker are you?"
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ryan, I didn't see this quote in your list, whats the deal?

"Business should not supersede humanity" - Will Chris Holley "Smart Guy"

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Sure you wouldn't go out with him? He may be a sweet heart down deep.
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Hmmm, interesting approach publicizing oneself. Very funny and a little scary at times. The guy may have a high IQ, but he still has not figured out the key to success in life: a high EQ (emotional quotient also known as emotional intelligence).

Emotional Intelligence is about being aware of yourself and being aware of how others see you or what others think about you. It is about having empathy for others, being able to put yourself in their shoes. It is about standing up for what you believe in a politically correct and respectful way. It is about getting the whole picture before you react or jump to conclusions. The key to emotional intelligence is an understanding of your emotions and the emotions of others.

Clearly this person has no idea of how the rest of the world will see this site. Unfortunately for him, it will be very hard to find the job he feels he deserves.

Todd, how do you find these gems?
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that HAS to be a joke.

please, tell me it's a joke.

otherwise I'm going to start crying pity tears for that poor guy.


and about that "medication" he was on... :
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I found that one when I saw some language use here in a thread got me thinking about the subject (showing off of intelligence, real or imagined intelligence that is). I did a search in Google on something like: "Intelligence Arrogance" and somebody had a link to that site.
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The "train wreck" phrase has just taken on new meaning.

Poor guy! His wife left him. Even his MOM left him.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Keoki:

Sure you wouldn't go out with him? He may be a sweet heart down deep.

I think Bethany has her eyes on our "Chamonoix Guy". Or perhaps, a few of the powderkids!
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Folks... the fact that his site is at "" may tell you something.
"What's the best thing about WebTV? At least now the AOLers have somebody to look down on."

Other possibilites:

1) Maybe he really does have an IQ of 147, whatever IQ means. And maybe the site is legit. In which case this is a really good basis for the theories about "cluster learning", of multiple intelligence, of intelligence having many dimensions, rather than just one which is measured as "IQ". In this example, cluelessness of social norms about how to present oneself best for finding professional-level employment.

2) I'm starting to see people all over the net almost bragging about having Asperger's Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism that afflicts highly intelligent but unusually narrowly-focused people. There seems to be a bit of an <a href="" target="_blank">
"Asperger's Pride"</a> movement going on. Absolutely no intent here to disparage people who are living with Asperger's. But there may be a flavor of that going on with this guy's site. Or not. IANAPSY (I am not a psychologist).

There was a fascinating article in Wired about Asperger's as The Geek Syndrome a few months back. Including an Aspergers Quotient Test which may be enlightening for many of us obsessed netizens to take. No, I'm not telling my score :

3) The guy's site is a massive, well-executed troll, right down to it being at webtv, that sucked us all into over-analyzing.

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OK he might have an IQ of 147 but can he ski better than 97% of the people on the slopes - no I didn't think so. It's a close call but SCSA is still my hero.

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Uh oh! Mark and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum on that aspergers test! Not telling who's where! How'd we stay married so long???

Do you you think your score on the aspergers test is related to which muppet you are? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Interesting, MarkXS...

in law school I knew lots of folks who could study in short bursts and ace tests, who scored very well on standardized tests like the SAT, LSAT, MBE (multistate bar exam) -- but who couldn't practice law worth a darn. It seems that some folks can have extraordinary facilities in one area yet be unable to translate those facilities to their entire personality/intellect.

I've always believed that broad-spectrum learning is better than a high IQ. I'd much rather be able to talk about anatomy one moment and art history the next, than crank out higher mathematical constructs at the snap of one's fingers.

...but that's just me.
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I can order beer in several languages.
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Well, after looking at all the pages - I'm quite sure the guy in question has no extraordinary abilities. He is simply delusional about his own intelligence. I don't know, maybe he is an amazing cab driver?
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This guy's web site didn't happen to go up on April 1st, did it? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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