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Buying gear online...

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What would you recommend as the best site online to buy skis and such (new)? Which has the best prices?
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Ebay has the best prices of anywhere but you have to make sure you can trust the seller. I bought a pair of brand new fischer race sc's this season for my dad for $200. www.untracked.com also has very good prices on ski equipement. DEpending onw aht youre looking for and how soon you want it i would look at ebay. Recently the number of skis being sold on ebay has dropped but i would expect it to pick up again in the fall. once that happens you should be able to find pretty much anything you want, its just a matter of watching the auctions so you can be sure to get the ebst deal there is. Also you might want to try www.skiershop.com (this site recently changed to a new domain whihc i dont have right off hand, but im pretty sure there is a link).

well here is a list of shops:

hope those help out a little, i havent been to them in awhile so id ont knwo what they are currently carrying or what prices they are at, but those are the best i know of. I have bought skis from skitrader and i would highly reccommend them (they are a canadian shop so you can get the skis pretty cheap with the exchange rate).

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plenty of others. hop on a search engine and GO

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The biggest an dmost reliable ones I know of are:

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As has been well aired out here, I had great luck on Ebay and love what I bought. If the seller has had a lot of transactions, they get rated and the ratings are pretty good. If they have few or even no transactions, you need to use you brain and your gut - worked great for me. Buyng from overseas does put me off, but from a person in New England [where I live] I decided it was ok.
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A great place to buy ski tuning equipment and wax is Tognar out of Mt. Shasta, CA. They have good prices and don't gouge you on shipping and handling. Their URL is:

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I've bought from Tognar but www.artechski.com has the best prices on most waxs.
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