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Nordica's New Smartech (Softboot) Line?

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Greetings all... As someone with abnormally wide feet I am always looking for solutions to my never-ending foot pain. I currently ski in Tecnica Innotec Ti-8 high-volume’s (pictured right). I have lost track of how many times the shell has been blown out. The only significant comfort improvement came when I had custom foot beds made (Surefoot). The problem seems to be that you can not really get a high-performance (front-entry) boot that will be both comfortable and deliver performance. I have had my feet in lower-end boots that despite being comfortable do not yield the performance characteristics that allow me to ski at the top of my game.

Nordica debuted a new line of boots this year called the Smartech Series during the 2002-2003 season. They claim to be the perfect blend of comfort and performance. The design of the boot is quite *radical* to say the least. It uses a complex system of cables and cranks to grip the foot for this alleged increased control and performance. This boot fitting system is (for the most part) controlled by a pull reminiscent of the kind on your lawnmower. I have heard several claim that they have all to comfort and warmth of a “rear entry boot” and the performance characteristics of a “front-entry”. Ski magazine’s review rates the high-end 12 model as a 3.4 out of a possible 4. These boots are rumored to be the first of a promising new generation of soft-boots.

My extremely wide feet have been begging me for a better boot solution for a few years, but as many of you know ski equipment selection is a very delicate process compounded by the enormous price tags. For this reason, I am extremely interested in what information you might have concerning the comfort and performance of this new line. Do these boots perform? Are they warm? Will they fit wide feet comfortably?

Any information or links to information about the performance and comfort characteristics of these boots as well as the past, present, and future of soft boot technology is extremely welcome.
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The bootfitters.com website has some info on these "new tech" boots, both on performance and fit.

http://www.bootfitters.com/boot_reviews.htm (click on new tech performance)


From their description, and what I remember from Ski Magazine's review, the Nordica boot really isn't such a high volume offering, particularly in the heel/ankle area. My feet are very low volume so I'm not familiar with high volume boots, but I think Atomic & Dolomite might be some to look at. Ski Press Mag also had some info, but it was basically a condensed version of bootfitters'. A Google search of "Nordica Smartech 12" will probably find a few more sites that provide info.

Since you don't seem to have an "off-the-shelf" foot, the best suggestion I could make would be to see a good bootfitter.
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Strolz is a good solution for problem feet, especially wide ones..



They are very pricey and not easy to find, but they do hold up well for several years.

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The Austrian Strolz site is pretty impressive if they actually go through all those steps for fitting. I think it's a little misleading though- they don't (I'm pretty sure) make a last for your foot but get a boot that's already made.

I know there's a place in Killington that has them.
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