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Uncle Bob and Morals

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One of my kids teachers asked the children to prepare an example of real life situations that demonstrate the trueness of certain phrases.

Mikey was first: "My dad and I have 30 chickens. Each on laid 1 egg. Every day we kept counting the eggs waiting for them to hatch. Only 10 of the eggs hatched. So the moral is: Don't count your chickens until they hatch."

"Excellent story Mikey," said the teacher. "Hillary, why don't you go next."

Hillary told the following tale: "We have chickens too. We collected all the eggs in a basket and put them in the front seat of our truck for the drive to the farmer's market. A deer ran across the road in front of us and dad had to slam on the breaks. The basket flew off the seat and crashed onto the floor breaking almost every egg. The moral is: Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

"Very good Hillary. A fine example," said the teacher. "Ralph, let's here your story."

Ralph replied: "My Uncle Bob was parachuting into a Taliban strong hold over in Afghanistan. When he jumped out of the plane is ammo bag broke. All of his extra bullets fell away. Then the wind shifted and blew him right into the middle of a Taliban camp.

He knew he was in trouble so he pulled out his whiskey flask and drank it empty before he landed.

There were 500 Taliban immediately surrounding him when he landed. He whipped out his M16 with it's one clip and took out about 30 Taliban. Then he pulled out his side arm and got about 10 more. Then he pulled out his k-bar and got rid of a bunch more until the handle broke. Then, swinging his M16 like a baseball bat he finished off the entire camp."

Completely stunned and fighting for words, the teacher responded:
"Oh, my Ralph that is the most horrific story I ever heard. What could possibly be the moral."

Ralph replied:
"Simple, don't f*ck with Uncle Bob when he's been drinking."

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aint it the truth
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