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A moment's silence please...

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... to a true pioneer of Random Humour.

Spike Milligan died today at his home in Sussex, south England, aged 83.

Let's all raise a glass to the last Goon, a truly unique wit, author of Adolf Hitler - My Part in his Downfall, and campaigner for all manner of causes.

In one memorable incident, he was thrown out of posh London store Harrods when he tried to stuff 28lb of spaghetti down the mouth of the food hall manager.

His explanation? “I told him it might give him some idea of how a goose feels being force-fed maize to make pate de fois gras..."

A great man who will be greatly missed.
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Another great goes to the laughter house in the sky .....

Miss ya Spike, you were spot on about Prince Charles and only you could of got away with it.


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To Spike.

May the angels be having an encore before the devil knows you're dead.

Goon, but not forgotten.

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Some classic one liners from Spike ....

"Little grovelling bastard" to Prince Charles after he was sent a letter of praise by the heir to the throne.

"Yes but it's your mother, isn't it? You don't get board and lodging at Buckingham Palace if you don't swear an oath." Milligan to the Prince who said he had to swear an oath of allegiance after the comedian refused to do so.

"I told you I wasn't very well," was his preferred gravestone epitaph.

"I suppose basically I'm very talented, but I am not personally aware of that."

"I don't like women in positions of power as they make all the wrong decisions."

On heaven: "I'd like to go there. But if Jeffrey Archer is there I want to go to Lewisham."

"When I look back, the fondest memory I have is not really of The Goons. It is of a girl called Julia with enormous breasts."

On the war: "I was promoted in the field (they wouldn't let me indoors)."

In a fax from Spike to Sir Harry Secombe
"I hope you go before me as I don't want you singing at my funeral.'"

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In strictly objective terms I don't think Spike was one of the world's funniest men - too many of his performances were luke warm and self-indulgent - but he certainly originated a form of anarchic madcap comedy that others sprang from. As the key scriptwriter of the Goons, we owe him a great deal.
Peter Sellers was the funnier of the Goons, and by far the funnier performer (and mimic) overall. Think of his recordings, and Doctor Strangelove. Pure genius.
However, I think we have to thank Spike for perhaps the funniest song of all time, the Ying Tong song. This featured Spike's genius in the use of sound effects. Hope it's reissued, as I'd like a copy.
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(Spike Milligan plays Eccles and Spriggs, Peter Sellers plays Bloodnok and Bluebottle, and Harry Secombe plays Seagoon.)

There's a song that I recall my mother sang to me,


She sang it as she tucked me in when I was ninety-three.

I-diddle-di. [Spoken] Who was that bum?

Bluebottle and Spriggs:
Ying tong, ying tong, ying tong, ying tong, ying tong yiddle i po,
Ying tong, ying tong, ying tong, ying tong, ying tong yiddle i po...

(... etc, etc...)

Yup. Pure genius!

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