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Fischer Super G ski?

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I'dno?..it is an RC4 RS "Super" 208 from(original owner says 98).It does not say "G",SL anywhere on it..it is REALLY seriouslly stiff! especially in the tail./dimensions..90/60/78..I've had RC4's from that..and just prior to that era..they didn't feel like this..or have this shape..and they all..if I remember said something on them..
Hey DIRT cheap so I bought them..

Any ideas on them?
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Yo Arnie! Hey, you wouldn't happen to be the gov- nah, never mind... Anyhoo, I'll chime in here, since no one else has. RS Super is German for Super G. I forget what the actual words are. Here are my thoughts on them: Mount them suckers up with a decent plate/binding setup and take them out somewhere where you can dangle, like a completely deserted blue run that is freshly groomed. Let gravity have its way with you for a while. Get down and tuck. You're now the Herminator, not the Terminator!!! Oh yeah, baby!!! You got the need for speed... [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Recent Super G (and Downhill) skis have tips to conform to the miniumum FIS height 30mm (GS and SL 50mm). If they are high, they are a GS ski. Most Super-Gs have a soft shovel, stiffening a fair bit in the waist, and softening a little in the tail (but not SOFT). Even if they are GS skis, you should have no stability problems.
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The RS Super was the GS ski of that timeframe. What color are they?
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In 1995 I had the a 207 Volkl RS Super. RS stands for Reisen Slalom. German for Giant slalom. The RS Super, was a GS ski with a wider tip dimension than the RS (GS) of the same era. It was the immediate predecessor to shape skis. This wider tip let the ski hook up in the tip better than the straighter skis.
This could be Fischers similar ski to what I have described above. Most Super-G skis are designated by SG. So, I don't think they are Super-G's , but a GS with a wider tip.

Over & out!
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Thanks a lot for your help guys..appreciate it..(and it is Ahh- node..(for Arnold)at least that's what I'm trying to teach my friends 2/3 y/o..)

They are a pale blue color..with the Fischer in orange..and a large piece basically lengthwise in the waist of the ski that is black..a sort of rough finish..and HARD to read large letters in that piece are "Fischer" in large very smooth letters.The base is the black graphite and the front part of the tip/shovel/base..a 1 1/2' or so is orange..
Beta.. you're right..the stiffness I originally thought was in in the tail.. is not so much in the tail..when I looked closely as I flexed them..the stiffness is in the waist of the ski..softening towards the tail..this became more apparent when I squeezed them base to base..I wouldn't say the shovels are soft..but they are definitely not stiff..
They're pretty much ski ready..perfect bases/edges..a very minor touch up will do..plenty of edge/base left..and they're not dried out..a few dings on the top..

I sorta glanced at these things..and I thought..hey..they don't look like run of the mill RC4's..I've had a few pairs..i'm not an expert on them though..the ones I've seen/had all said something..sl/G/"geant"..something..they're not like the RC4's that I've had from that era..and they are definitely not straight skiis per se..beside an older pair of straight RC4's..

Might be good for some fun..

I like the price..this nice fellow..said that seeing as how he paid $800 Cdn. for them at a very high end shop..that I couldn't beat the price..SOoo.. $8.(eight) without bindings..had a nice ring to it.8 bucks..I thought so too..

If they looked like a run of the mill RC4..or said so..sl/g etc.,I wouldn't have bought them..

Now I won't miss my old Kastle "National Team" 213's so much..HEHEHAHA..

Thanks guys..
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