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OK, time for a few lawyer jokes...

What do you call 4 lawyers in a Mini going off the edge of a cliff?

1. A start.
2. A waste - you can get at least 6 lawyers into a Mini.

A man walks into a bar in Salt Lake City with a crocodile under his arm. He goes up to the barman and says: "excuse me, do you serve Presbyterians in here?"
The place went silent. Everyone watched the barman. I mean the place has rules. But the barman looked down at the crocodile, and replied nervously "uh, alright, but only this once"
"Great", says the man, "can I have a pint of beer, and a Presbyterian for the crocodile"

"My dog's got no nose."

"How does he smell?"


I've got another dog called cigarette. He's got no legs.
People always ask me why I call him cigarette. Well, it's obvious, I take him out for a drag every morning.