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Ski Pants

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While skiing in Vail this past week, I took a pretty good fall while negotiating the moguls. Not only was my pride damaged, but so were my ski pants (Obermeyer).

Now that I need a new pair of ski pants, I remember how difficult it was to find a pair that fit. Most ski pants are not long enough unless I buy XL, which are way too baggy. I'm 6ft tall and 195lbs.

Does anyone have a suggestion on a brand of ski pants that come in longer sizes? I'm not overly concerned about appearance, however the baggy look only works for "rappers" and "plumbers". Baggy britches also slows me down.

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I would suggest checking out London Fog, they make a water proof pants, and top, that alot of skiers have purchased in the East. I have a pair of reebok pants that I use, but they are not very water repellent which I found out on a rainy/sleety day at Blue Knob. I have a couple of others that work well, but unfortunatly that store has gone under. I'm sure Nike may make some, shop arround at sporting good stores and you should be able to find a good substitute for "ski pants" and may save some coins for lift tickets.
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Try Arc'teryx, they run slim since they were designed by lanky climbers. The only downside is that they are expenseive but very high quality.
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Not sure if you like this look, but I have always used gore-tex climbing-skiing pants from North Face/Patagonia/Marmot. My current pair is Patagonia and, like you, I am over 6' so finding pants long enough has always been a challenge. One great thing about these brands is the lifetime guarantee: wear them out, send them back to the factory, get a new pair for free. I've done that with both Patagonia and North Face stuff. You can often find these items on deep discount at

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Go to WalMart. Find a pair of jeans that fit. Buy some shellac. Your in business!

just kidding


still kidding
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I am 6'1" and 200 lbs.
I have a pair of Spyder, XL black ski pants that are perfecto.
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