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Top Aussies

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might aswell continue with the theme...heres a link to a great page of Top Aussie legends, theres a bit of Aussie slang in it, if you don't understand I'm happy to translate.

turn sound on for VB theme song.


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Got a few laughs out of that thanks Jane!
I hope the ski season is going well for you! Although the waves are good up my way, i don't think your missing much as far as melbourne goes. (i hope i remembered correctly)
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no worries.

yeh ski season is going extremely well except for the fact its about to come to an abrupt stop due to work overload...blahhhh...
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..So i'm assuming your not a ski instructor..
Too bad At least it's been good for you up until now....Only 155 days to my next ski trip (i started counting at about 300 [img]smile.gif[/img] )
Keep it cool....skiing of course..

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