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Dynastar Nobis length?

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I am looking at the Dynastar Nobis to replace my Bigs (188) and would be interested in hearing from anyone with experience on the Nobis. Would it be best to stay with the 188 length or downsize to the 178. I am 170 lbs and ski strongly all over the mountain, I have no problems with the Big at 188.

I know ski length is kind of an overused topic.
Advice please.
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I'm curious to know if that's your only ski. If it's your powder ski you should consider something a little wider in about a 180...if it's your only ski you should be able to get away with a 177 I suppose. I'm 180lbs and if I had to choose 1 ski it'd be in a 177 or 180..
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Peter Keelty (www.realskiers.com), 6'2", 190 lbs, 150+ days/year, uses '04 Inspired in 178cm as his "day off" ski.
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get the 188
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I demoed it last year and liked it a lot , 6' -200lb , found the 188 a really easy ski. Felt short but in a good way. My wife demoed the 178 , she's usually on a 173 Volant power karve and she found the 178 fine. Even though its fattish it skis short esp. compared to the 99-02 bigs.
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The big question is are you going to be skiing moguls and/or narrow steep runs on your new skis. The Nobis has a very forward mount compared to the old Bigs. The 178cm length has as much tail as your 188 Bigs while the 188cm model has a longer tail. The tails on the Nobis are wider and have a more pronounced arch. The longer & wider tails make the Nobis harder to ski in moguls & narrow steeps in the same length as the old Bigs.

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If you can handle your old bigs get the 188's as the Nobis is not nearly as demanding as the old bigs (which is one of the greatest skis ever).
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You describe the Big "as one of the greatest skis ever". I'm thinking about picking up a demo pair of the Big in 178cm. I have the Pocket Rocket in 175 and have skied the Bandit XXX in 178, but have never tried the Big. Could you comment on how the Big performs compared to them?
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I also noticed the forward mounting point of new InBig (178cm). If mounted as recommended, the tail length is same as my current ski Atomic 9.22 (190cm). Has anyone mounted it backward from the recommended mounting mark? How does it ski then?

About the length, the new InBig is rather soft-flexing ski so I would definitely recommend for you 188cm. I'm 145lbs and 178cm feels kind of short even for me.

The Couloir Mag reviewed the ski in the latest issue and it scored high. Anyway I would like to hear more experiences - hard snow, ice performance, short turns, how versatile for only ski etc. As far as I know, the ski excels in powder.
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Thanks for all the useful comments. I am going for the 188 as my powder and soft snow ski, I have other skis for bumps, etc. The 188 big (flame tip) is a great all mountain ski and charges through most conditions, it's just a little too stiff and narrow to be a true powder ski, definetly not a subtle ski but great in tough conditions that you have to blast through.
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