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Speeding Problem

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My friend was driving along the A6 near Dunadry Inn recently. The road is long and straight but goes from a 60mph zone to a 40mph zone, then over a humpback bridge.
He was coming along it the other evening at around 70mph when he came over the bridge and saw the all too familiar sign of a policeman with his laser speed detector.

The policeman pulled him over, and with the sarcasm of speed cops the world over started the conversation: "Sir, low flying aircraft are not allowed on public roads"
"But I'm in a hurry"
Cop: "I can see that. What is the rush"
"I have to get to Antrim Hospital"
Cop: "Oh, are you a doctor?"
"No, I'm a rectum stretcher"
Cop: "You're taking the piss, a rectum stretcher, you mean you pull apart people's butts"
"Yep, something like that"
Cop: "Tell me more about your job, and I might let you go)
"Well, I start by inserting two fingers, and gradually stretch the rectum bigger and bigger. Normally I stop at around 3ft, but occassionally I have to stretch them to 6ft"
Cop: "So, what do you do with a six foot a$$hole?"

"Well, you give him a speed detector, and stand him at the far side of a humpback bridge..."

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