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Please be Honest - Volkl V3 Carver Motion vs. Atomic c9:18

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Hey guys,
Ok here is the scoop. I recenlty bought a pair of last years' Volkl V3 Carver Motion for $449 CDN in a 170cm length. Also on the shelf were a pair of blur Atomic c9:18 in 170cm for $499 CDN.

I have not demoed either and have alsways wanted either of the two. I opted for the Volkl's primarily because I was told that they are essentially the exact same ski, and that the Volkl binding system is better than the Atomic device system on the 9:18's.

Did I make a mistake in my purchase and should have went for the Atomic's. I purchased based on great reviews of thr two and the salesman's pitch on the Volkl's won me over.

What is essentially a better ski for me? I am an Intermediate to advance level skier that weighs 170lbs and am 5'9 in height.

Your opinions mean a lot to me! There is still a chnace to get the atomics if need be....please help! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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They are both good skis for your ability. Don't worry about which is better. Take a lesson and you will improve. The ski will not make that much of a difference. It is hard to say which is better, you have picked two of the better manufactures, the skis are near equal. Don't second guess your purchase. Take a couple of lessons.

Enjoy your up coming season [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I don't think you can go wrond with either one. Just think snow, and don't worry about it again.
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Just from experience on Volkl skis, i would say to stick with the volkl. Atomics tend to be stiffer and less forgiving than their volkl counterparts, just because of the construction differences. Ive skied the Volkl GS ski in a 173cm length, and it seemed very versitile. Despite its soft feel it had reasonably good edgehold. The Atomic will probably have a more solid feel underfoot, and wont have as smooth of a feel as the Volkl. Edgehold with both will most likely be nearly identicle. Of course all of this is speculation based on experince with other models from Atomic and Volkl. You made a good decision in your purchase. Like was said above - pray for some snow, so you can get out and use your new toys.

ps. Actually last night my room mate was on his way home to Saranac Lake and he ran into heavy lake effect snow between Syracuse and Watertown. He said at one point there was close to 3 inches of snow along the side of the road. So hopefully we will see an early season again this year.
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How is it that you still have a chance to get the Atomics? Do you mean that you will be paying twice or that you can return the Volkls?

Do a little research and see if the Volkl V3 is the same ski as the V31 of a few years back. I demoed that one and it was an excellent carver. In fact my ski instructor at Alta used those as her every day skis. I also have skied the Atomics and I prefer them. The Atomics are excellent skis for people of varying abilities. They are not just "intermediate" skis, however they are marketed that way in the US ski magazines. They will not be too hard for you to ski though and you will be able to grow with them. In my opinion, if you can get ALL of your money back from the Volkls then do it and get the Atomics. If not, then DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT!! Your new skis are great. You will love them!

And pray for snow,
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I think the V31 of a few years back that Snowflier mentioned was a wood/metal laminate core that were very solid. When Volkl went to the Motion system, they came out with a wood/foam/ cell something core that didn't prove to be very durable. I suppose if you're not a very aggresive skier or don't ski a lot of bumps than it probably won't matter. However, I also agree with Snowflier's accessment of the Atomics. The 9.18 is a tried and true classic that has stood the test of time and has the uncanny ability to satisfy anyone from a lower level intermediate to a mellow expert, and is probably one of the most versatile skis of all time. I've owned a few Volkl skis myself, but if it was my choice, I'd go with the Atomics.
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