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Terror News

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Am I missing something?

What is funny about this site?

I thought this was supposed to be the humor section.
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You didn't miss anything. It is just a site that is informative about the terrorism around the world.
Random Humor
Jokes, Oddball Images, Funny Links and whatever else.

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Hmmm - since the main heading is "Humor" I guess most of us just assumed that everything under the heading fell into that catagory. For example, jokes like this:

Q: What is the last thing Jesus Christ said to the Teamsters?

A: "Don't do anything 'till I get back."

(Geez, by posting that joke, do I need to worry about violence from the 2 or 3 *other* teamsters out there who know how to read?)

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Mommy would be proud that I got a 3rd grade edacated. Yesterday I couldn't spell truck driver and today I is one. Todd,I've heard them all.
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slider, the link you've provided is definitely not funny and definitely VERRRRRY EENterrresting. Thanks for this gold nugget!
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