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Odyssey skis

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anyone used these things? 177cm 112-81-104 made in washington state. on sale really cheap right now.
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Wow, they are cheap! Might get a pair just for kicking around in.

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I demoed the Odyssey e-Max a couple weeks ago at Mt. Baker. I liked them a lot. The particular skis I tried were extremely stiff because their owner had them flexed that way. (They are flexed according to your weight and skill level) Once I got used to how stiff the tail was and how short they were, they were lots of fun. I'm used to 190 Olin Selkirks with a much softer flex. The first day was a powder day and they were good on steep and soft snow. The second day was a hard pack kind of day and I had no problems with them on hard snow. The stiffness seemed to help as they didn't chatter at speed or in fast turns but held an edge well. I'm going to buy some when I can get some money together. They are certainly a great alternative to paying a months salary for skis.
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WOW! Very cheap for new skis, but... only in 177? C'mon, what about us short people!? We need skis too! They sound very nice, though.
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the "AFFIDAVITS" seem pretty reputable. seems like the guy's been gettin' bumped around by the big manufacturers. for $250 (after shippingo), kinda hard to really mess up. Hmmm...
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I have to admit that I am vary intrigued by that ski.Sounds like it could be a fun ride.For the price you really can't go to wrong.Just keep in mind that he isn't going to post any negitive comments on his skis. Since demoing that ski is out of the question, It would be nice to see some other feed back from another source. As we all know there is no true do it all ski. Every ski has it's good and bad points. So what are the Bad points of the Odyssey? One of the good points that I see right off is that you will never get your skis mixed up with anyone else in the ski rack Well that alone has to be worth something.
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Small Ski Builder: Odyssey Skis "Ogres"

I was recently updating a listing for Odyssey Skis and ran across a pic of Paul Nelson's new "Ogre VII" He builds 3 different skis @ 204cm, and advocates off-center binding mounts on his fat boards. Waist widths vary from 92 mm to 141 mm.

(he also has a history of patent and royalty battles with K2 and Volant...interesting reading his side of the story HERE.)

A thread on Paul's skis has been going on here at EpicSki since 2002:

He builds the following boards:

Ogre I - 183.5cm
Dimensions: 164 X 154.5 X 122.5 X 142 X 145mm
Radius 22.13 meter, Bottom surface area 2,540cm2
$620 usd

Ogre II - 184cm
Dimensions: 180.5 X 171.5 X 123 X 143.5 X 146mm
Radius 18 meter, Bottom surface area 2,630cm2
$620 usd

Ogre III - 186.5cm
Dimensions - 184.5 X 177 X 141 X 154 X 155.5mm
Radius - 25.3 meters, Bottom surface area 2,900cm2
$620 usd

Ogre IV - 202.5cm
Dimensions - 133 X 126.5 X 92.5 X 113 X 113mm
Radius - 28.74 meters, Bottom surface area 2,155cm2
$675 usd

Ogre V - 204.5cm
Dimensions - 155.5 X 148 X 115.5 X 137 X 138.5mm
Radius - 29 meters, Bottom surface area 2,680cm2
$675 usd

Ogre VI - 204.5cm
Dimensions - 174 X 165 X 124.5 X 145.5 148.5mm
Radius - 25.47 meters, Bottom surface area 2,920cm2
$720 usd

Ogre VII - 204cm
Dimensions - 185 X 174 X 128 X 145 X 148mm
Radius - 23.34 meters, Bottom surface area 3,000cm2
$750 usd
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