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Hey all those kids need now is a "Shoot me up Elmo"! (was in a 'Bert is evil' thread somewhere)
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Few more movies at....Movies
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Thanks slider!
Kept me entertained for hours! (if you include d/l time )
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Sorry it's meant for a broadband connection.
Go to ski page 4 thrillseekers Click on some of the images on the page. I think you will get a laugh on some of the links or the awards page. It won't take the rest of your life to load them either.
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Thankyou very much! lol i really didn't mind the d/l time before. Just went away and did something else while it was plodding along at an astounding 3-4K/sec
Is kokotele your site? Its pretty coo
Thanks again and i will tell you what i thought of the new links etc. Havn't had a chance to have a look yet.
Stay cool :
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Yeah it's my hobby site to fool around with when I can't ski.
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Hey its a great site! Damn i had a good time reading the replies to the Jesus section!
The ski names were a crack up too
I'll have to go back and spend a bit more time there tonight..well your early morning.
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