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Dynastar Intuitiv 74

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If anyone has had any experience at all with the Dynastar Intuitiv 74, would you please post it here. If you can compare it to any othe Intuitiv, that also would be great. Thanks!
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Oboe, here's my review

Dynastar Intuitiv 74

It's a great ski. Just ordered a pair of 182's from Fiorini Sports in Seattle - 50% off. [img]smile.gif[/img] No one carries the ski locally for me. I'm switching from a pair of G31's to the 74's. Went with the 182cm over the 188cm because I wanted more short turn versitility and was less concerned about stability at speed (although that wasn't a problem with the 182's that I demo'd)

[edit]Can't make any comparisons to the other Intuitiv's - haven't skied them.

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just picked up a 50% off pair myself. looking forward to it.
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I have them in a 182. I got them for softer snow but I was really surprised how good they were on hardpack. They really do just about everything well on hardpack, they carve great and are plenty stable. They are really good at carving GS turns at speed, but really wasn’t that difficult to fire off short radius turns either. They grip ice good, and even have a little pop out of the turn which kind of surprised me since they have a fairly soft flex. I don’t ski bumps that often, but I found I could really boogie through the bumps. They really blast through crud and loose snow nice too. The only snow I didn’t really like them in was deep pow. They seemed too turny for me. They were really nice on the steeps, but in more wide open spaces I felt it was hard to get speed up and make GS turns, if I got my weight forward at all, the tips wanted to dive and hook. I skied in about 20” of fresh snow at Mammoth, and I felt I really had problems with the tips hooking and getting my weight right. It could be that it’s just a matter of getting used to the ski and adjusting my balance, but I kept wishing I had Atomic bindings that I could move back, or a longer ski. When I compared the ski to my 177 Volkl’s, it was about ½-3/4” shorter from the front of the boot to the ski tip, so I thought that might be why it skied short, but they certainly felt just right on hardpack. I weigh 165 so I thought I would get enough float with these, but maybe I just need a wider ski, when I measured these, they measure 2mm narrower than Dynastar claims. I measured them at 111-72-97, they said they base their measurements on the 188 length. I would be interested to hear if anybody else had the same impression in deep snow, or if anybody has tried the 188, I would be really interested in how that length skis. It seems like most of the reviews I read tested the 188’s.
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Oboe, see my new post.

Tag, could you give me info on ordering those skis at 50% off. It would be greatly appreciated.

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r, please post here or contact me at : Where do I get the Dynastar Intuitiv 74 at 50% off?!
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i got mine in nyc at paragon. i think i bought the last one, but they may still have a 175.

edit- note that the reason that you can get these for a discount now is b/c a lot of shops have run out of the binding that is "supposed" to go w/ it (look p12 spacer). i had to buy the ski in one plac, but then got a killer deal on the binding from another ($125). underground rumor was that you could get it w/ a non-pre-drilled plate to use w/ touring bindings, etc, but those aren't the ones on clearance.

good luck.

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Dan & Oboe, here's a link to Fiorini Sports . I ordered my pair from them. They had the 182 and 188 left in stock when I called last week. I didn't ask about any other sizes. They don't have any of the bindings to go with the ski (Look Pivot 12 or P12), so you'll have to go elsewhere for the bindings. It's my understanding that the last year's Look P8 is the exact same model as this year's P12. You just need to make sure that you are getting the Lifter and not the Maxplate. Also, I'm told that any binding in the Pivot Lifter series will match with the Autodrive plate on the ski, so you can put the P10 (DIN 3 - 10), P12 (4 - 12) or P14 (5 - 14) on the ski. I was told by one ski tech that the Rossi Axial binding is the same as the Look Pivot and has the same mounting pattern and can be used on the 74, but another tech said no, you can't use it. The bindings certainly look identical except for the cosmetics. Like r, I'll have to buy the binding separately. Anyone know if the Rossi and Look bindings are, in fact, identical?
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rossi/look differ only slight features like ramp angle, etc, but the nuts and bolts are all the same. some anal shops might not do it for you, but i'd bet that anyone who carries both look and dynastar would probably do it for ya.
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westcat- dynastar has always done the size diff. w/ the 4x4 big and i'm not suprised that they also carried it over to the 74. makes sense really when you start getting into wider skis (think proportionality).


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They had a bunch of them for 50% off at Sturtevants in Bellevue Wash. a couple weeks ago when I was up there.
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I can see how proportionality makes sense, seems like they would stamp the correct dimensions on the skis though, could make a difference if you’re looking for a wider ski for deep snow.
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true, westcat. dynastar used to stamp the specs on the bigs, but i guess they folded to the comp on the intuitiv 74 (prolly b/c of comp from the bandit xx, it's main rival). i'm not overly worried about the 1-2 mm that i lost tho.
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Thanks for the info. I'll check it out. I did find a chain store here called "Chick's Sporting Goods" that sell them for $399. But if Fiorini's can save me $50 it might be worth it.
Thanks again,
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wrong was i. sizing is the same through the lengths (at least down to the 182 which i have). the ski does have a stamp and it reads the 113-74-99 as advertised. the 175 might be different, but the website has each length w/ a diminishing turn radius which would be consistent w/ a shorter size/same dimensions set up....blah blah blah.
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The ski is stamped 113-74-99 but my 182 measures 2mm narrower than that, and my calipers are pretty accurate. Dynastar tech told me they base their measurements on the 188, but he didn't seem to know the dimensions of any of the other sizes. Makes sense though that it would have a shorter turn radius if they narrowed it equally from tip to tail.
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OK, I demoed the Intuitiv 74 today in 182 cm, which I believe is longer than is optimal for me. I also demoed the Rossi Bandit XX in 177, which turned out to be not so hot, BUT: I then demoed the Bandit XX in 170, and that was fan-tas-tic. I'd love to demo the Intuitiv 74 in 167, just to do a fair comparison. I was very surprised to like the Bandit XX so much - at first it seemed stiff [it IS stiffer than the Intuitiv] - but once I figured out what it wanted, it felt better and better, so quick turning, so stable, so powerful. I'll post a review on the Consumer Gear Review forum.
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I had a similar experience with the Dynastar Intuitiv 74. At 175 cm it was good, but the 182cm for me was incredible. Had I just skied the 175cm Dynastar I might be going for the Bandit XX or Intuitive, whichever was cheaper. But because I tried the Intuitiv in 182 there is no doubt in my mind which one I want. Demo the shorter Intuitiv, and you also will have no doubt in your mind. Whether you chose the Bandit or the Dynastar it will be the right choice for you.
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Oboe my man! Would I lie to you about the XX? It's one awesome ski. I know have my third pair in the last five years. These new design side cuts are super in all conditions. You'd look good on a pair and they would treat you kindly. Did you get to pow up there yesterday?
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Lars:Yes I DID!!! POW! But I expected the XX to be good in the pow, I was just amazed at the liveliness and the GRIP. I do owe to my readers to trial the Intuitiv 74 in 175 cm [unfortunately, the 167 is not available for testing] and the X-Scream in 169 - but they have a high bar to jump over now. Did you see my post in the Consumer Gear Review forum? I thought of you the minute I thought of the XX, as you might well expect. Wifey is concerned, though - she's hoping I won't demo women the way I demo skis!

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My 74's arrived today. Due to Westcat's comments, I got the ruler out and did a quick measurement. Not increadibly accurate, but close enough. First surprise was I couldn't find a center line or mark. Second surprise was to find that, roughly under the center of the ski, it measured at a 74mm waist, but back under the heel plate, it measured 73mm or even a bit under 73mm. I had always assumed that a ski's waist measurement would be taken at centerline and that the typical ski design would put the narrowest part of the ski directly at the centerline. It seems that the narrowest part of the 74 is actually back from that position.

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Today I got to trial the Intuitiv 74 in 175 cm length. All the reports I've read say that it's "nimble", needs only a "light touch", and is "good for the lighter skier". Not for me. On a day with very good snow, it felt like lumber and damn near killed me in the blue glades. I didn't even bother taking them to the black glades where I instead enjoyed the Rossi Bandit XX. Either I really need the [coming but not yet here] 167 cm length, or perhaps the rental bindings were not in the right place. I'm baffled. I trialed these back-to-back with the Rossi Bandit XX in 170 and then tried my own K2 Mod [Axis] in 167 for good measure, so I wasn't skiing the Dynastars without some point of reference. Any theories here?
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I would tend to think that there was something wrong with that pair of skis.From all that you have written and the thoughtful way you demo skis makes me think that something was just not set up right with that ski.You have raved about the intuitive 71 and just about everyone I know that has been on the 74 has had good things to say about that ski.I would give the 74 another go just to see if it was just that pair of skis.and this time stay out of the trees untill your sure
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