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Bin Laden Bingo

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Check this out - you will need speakers to fully appreciate it!
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Just so that you don't feel ignored, Serenity posted that on a different thread. She warned us to turn our speakers down!
It is hilarious, though.
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the videos are a little sad ...but also very funny .
I think that if a bomb was really SMART, INTELLIGENT or CLEVER will turn back and hit the guy who fired it ! :

A joke going on here said that the Iraqis will be divided now in two categories :

I was once in Bagdad in the 80s in a trade mission and they weren't bad people , just scared of the government and the wars .( I wonder why! : )
Only some government officials there looked like real S.O.B.( like in most of the rest of the world [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] )

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