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Alta 04/12-4/18

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I'll be at Alta or near by Monday - Saturday. I have private lessons set up for Monday, Tuesday, and Part of Friday but Wed, Thurs and Saturday I might be able to catch up any Bears that might be in the area. I'm going to try to catch up with Rob Sogard at Snowbird for a few runs as well.

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I am planning on going over to Alta or Snowbird this weekend The 17th or 18th. Let me know what your plans are for those days and I'll meet up with you for at least a few turns.
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I'll be in a private lesson with Scott Mathers Friday Morning (half day). We usually stop at Alf's for lunch around 12:00. Then I'm free for the day.

Saturday is wide open. Fisrt tracks this week has been very firm conditions.

But we got a trace of new snow last night!

Oh Boy, 1/2 inch? of powder over firm pack! this should be fun!

FRS radio's on 14-8.


I'll call you thursday evening.

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Last day of Alta Open and we have a flight home at 9:45 AM...

It's dumping snow as I finish packing for the trip home.

Enjoy it all you locals!

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By the way, It was snowing and hailing all day Saturday. Our day ended as we were trying to make one last run at 4:10 when Lightning Struck, Literally! It was in the middle of a Thunderstorm and there was a big rumble from across the valley. Then a few minutes later a Lightning flash and another thunderclap. This one much closer. We pop out of the trees at the base of Germania and behold the closd sign is up. Alta and I suspect Snowbird also, empty the lifts and shut them down after a close lightning strike and if no more activity after 15 minutes will start up again. Unfortunatly for us, 15 minutes put us past 4:30 and the resort is done for the day.

It was a great week at Alta. Those of you that got a chance to ski Alta's last day probably had an epic day. There was about 6-9" of fresh powder on the top of our vehicle as we made our way down the LCC.
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