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Vail April 3-9

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Heading out to Vail Sat April 3 will ski April 4-9.Staying at the"LUXURIOUS " Chateau Vail. Its the old Holiday Inn right off frontage road 300 yds from the Vista Bahn. I've stayed there before. It meets the prerequisties; horizontal sleeping surface, decent location, hot tub.

Anyway my usual roomate on these excursions can't go. Any Bears plan on being in Vail that week and haven't made reservations yet. The room is available on a spring special rate of $89 a night. Not bad especially if its split two ways. I have I think 6 buddy passes on my Colorado Card that I can set you up with that will allow you to ski for $34 a day.

I ski first chair till about 3 PM . Don't snore. Couple of beers or glasses of wine , quick inexpensive dinner. Probably in bed at 9:30 PM.

If you want to stay out all night doesn't bother me when you come in. But I'll be up early to be the first in line.

Wake up and do it again. Last couple of years the first week of April has been snowy , Knock on wood. Thought I'd throw it out there if anybody else is a single heading to Vail that week. Probably can get a buddy's two bedroom condo down in Avon fro $125 a night -cash.

Anybody can ski Vail and spend a ton of money. It can also be done very modestly and guess what? Us dirt baggers get to ski the same snow, ride the same high speed lifts, and have an incredible ski experience in my opinion at one of the greatest places to ski in the country.
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I don't need a roommate, but the family and I will be in Vail from 4/3-10. Maybe we can hook up for some turns.
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I'd get a kick out of meeting you Coach 13. Let's get together for some turns. We are both from the vertically challenged MidAtlantic so we both ought to enjoy the heck out of Vail;skiing the way it should be. Plus by your bio , it looks like you're a biggger gear head than me if that's possible,

I can't remember if it was you last year that posted hooking up with the Vail Sno-Pro. If so, let's buy him an after skiing libation if he has the time. I'm actually upgrading my lodging on this trip. When I have gone solo in the past , I usually stay down in West Vail at the Roost Lodge.

This weekend I didn't even ski at 7 Springs . Rain Sat and the report said frozen granular today. This trip can't come soon enough. I know when I get back , I'll be moming the lawn an hour after I am home.

Let me know how we can hook up.
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That would be great, I'll shoot you a pm when we get a little closer. BTW, I've never skied with Ric, but it would be cool if he and/or some of the other local bears could meet up with us.
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That time frame is looking good, you guys. And cgeib will be here then as well. Look forward to hearing from you a bit closer to those dates.
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Will do. I'm looking forward to meeting you Ric, and the others as well. Hopefully the snow will still be good.

My kids are ticking off the days until we leave. Hell, who am I kidding, I am too!
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I thought I'd give this a bump to see if anyone else is going to be in the area from 4/3-10. C'mon guys, the snows perk'in up out there, let us know if you want to get together and make some turns.
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Ok guys feeling a little unwanted. First I post for a gettogether at the Basin few takers, then you all pick the very few days that I cannot make it to Vail

You all have fun anyway
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I agree, Kima! I'll be away the 1st 2 weeks of April and can't make it back to vail until closing day. We'll have to meet at the Basin and commiserate. At least they will be open until the bitter end.
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Kima & dp

Sorry you guys can't make it out, I'd have loved to meet you guys.
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Well, I'll be there on the 7th with a few friends. OK ... 35 friends to be exact! (High Park Ski Club from Toronto).

Can anyone suggest the best runs and places to see in the area? Breckinridge, Beaver Creek, Keystone, A-Basin, Vail. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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This is CalG's sister in Boulder CO.

I'll be in Vail from the 3rd through the 9th, staying at Eagle Point. cell phone 303 638-6603 if anyone wants to ski bumps, trees or fast blues & blacks.

Best runs depend on your preferences.

At Vail, I love Blue Sky Basin for the tree skiing, the bowls after a big powder dump, and the front side for spring skiing conditions.

Just skied Beaver Creek, and the Centennial lift had blue/black groomers and bumps combo on Double Diamond.

I always start out on Peak 8 at Breckenridge. Lots of black bump runs, with easy access to blue and black groomers. Check out Peak 7 if you want rolly blues.

At Keystone, stay on the main mountain for blues. Go to North Peak for black bumps. The Outback for trees. And they now have snowcat skiing.

At A-Basin, ski Pallavicini for double black diamond bumps.

As far as places to see, Breckenridge is the best casual town, Vail and Beaver Creek the ritziest.

The Tap Room at Vail has $3 margs for Apres Ski, and good calamari. The Gashouse between Vail and BC is good.

Keystone doesn't have much of a town. I've had a good meal at the Snake River Saloon there, which contrary to its name is actually fine dining.

And A-Basin has no town - just lifts a few feet from the road. But hopefully snow to ski on into the summer (a friend once closed them down in August!)

That's my 2 cents. Feel free to ask other questions...
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