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Tahoe at the end of April?

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Anybody looking to ski in late April?

Epic, Kieli, and I will be skiing Kirkwood on Apr 22,23 and Heavenly on the 24,25.

If anyone is interested in joining us for a day or more, lets us know! It'd be nice to meet some of our West Coast Bears!

Hope you can make it!
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Well- Vail Resorts has decided, in its infinite wisdom, to shut down Heavenly on the 18th.
So either we will ski Kirkwood all 4 days, or maybe head up to Squaw or Alpine for a day or so... Maybe visit dchan in SugarBowl...

Anybody in the area is more than welcome to join us!
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Watch the Sugarbowl website carefully. We might close on the 18th as well. It's getting pretty dicey at Sugarbowl. When I left Saturday (4-3) I was still scheduled to teach through May 2nd. Most of the other instructors were getting their walking papers on 04-04-04. It was to be just a few instructors left. When I arrived Thursday for a scheduled clinic, I found that the Learning center had been closed for the season. No more lessons at the Judah entrance. (village only) and really no more beginner lessons. (all the beginner terrain is pretty much closed) It's pretty much down to privates only.

I also found that HR told the ski school to release as many instructors as possible so I was processed out during the week. I turned in my Uniform, and emptied out my locker today.

I can still ski (and will when I can) but the days are getting shorter 9:30-12:30 at best unless we get another cold day.

I have a feeling that SB will be closed very soon. I'm sure we are running deep in the red at this point.

If you guys make it out, let me know. I'll try to join you somewhere.

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I think heavenly's choice was a wise one. Things were looking pretty awful 4/2.
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perhaps its best to plan for Bachelor or Hood. Kirkwood may not last that long either.

[ April 09, 2004, 12:19 PM: Message edited by: jackw ]
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Kirkwood was pretty nice on 4/4.

They are going to be open daily till 4/25, and then open on the weekends till 5/23. In May, only chairs 5,6 are going to be open, I guess to reduce cost.

It would be nice if we get some fresh snow, but I think it will be OK spring conditions till late April even if it doesn't. (unless temps drop without new snow and the whole mountain freezes over)
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Hey You Guys,

I skied today at Sugar Bowl and the conditions are coming around. The snow pack is consolidating, it's been freezing at night and the snow is smoothing out. dchan is right that business is slowing down but at this point the closing date is 4/25. Check back in but things look good.

Word has it that Squaw and Alpine will be open through the month. I'd really like to hook up with you guys for a few runs too, but will be skiing Tioga Pass backcountry over that weekend, but maybe the earlier days we could ski.

Anyway, hope see you,
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Anyone got any plans for this yet?

I'll be at Sugarbowl Thursday and possibly Friday Morning. (headed back to SF for an overnight pack trip with the church)
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I talked to Ric Today, Their plans are to ski Kirkwood Friday, and Alpine Saturday / Sunday.

If you see a freight train come blowing by, There's a good chance it's Ric [img]smile.gif[/img]

Sorry I'll miss you guys on this trip. Take care and have fun.

Today the snow was fantastic at Sugarbowl.

Hopefully it will stay the same the whole time you are here.

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