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Longer Slalom Skis

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Anyone had any success using longer slalom skis as a bump/tree ski? I heard this was the new fad and was wondering if anybody had tried it yet.

I'm an east coast skier trying to decide on a second pair of skis, I have a pair of 177 cm Volkl g3's and love them but I can't decide if I want to go with a souped up GS ski for crusing groomers at high speeds, or whether a little fat(something 84cm waist) would be better. I love skiing everything on the mountain, trees and powder being my favorites. Normally I would have bought a fat ski but my fiance enjoys corderoy and nothing but, so I find myself skiing more groomed stuff. I was thinking that perhaps a long slalom ski might be nice for the tighter eastern glades, but yet handle well for making short turns down the fall line.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Rossignol Bandit XX's are 74 mm at waist, handle pow and crud very well, are stable and great on groomed, and for some reason also are able to make quick sort turns edge to edge - go figure! In fact, I bought them just for the purposes you mention. I weigh 150 more or less, I'm a mediocre skier on a good day, and I'm comfortable on the 170 cm length. The 177 cm length was too long for me by far, even though that length is good for me in the Bandit single X. Rossi's length recommendations have not worked for me, so my choices are made through extensive demo skiing.

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I would not go with a long alalom at all. If you are going to buy a slalom ski, buy your correct length. Some of the new slaloms will really punnish you if you are not skiing the length you should be skiing on. They wont sacrafice any performance in any area by going shorter. Based on your post you may want to try the fischer sceno skis or the new volkl T50 skis. These all have a slalom sidecut and shape but have a slight larger waist than a traditional slalom ski. Also just for kicks you may want to try the head i.c.200 formerly the xp100 i think. Instead of trying the bandit XX try the new rossi rpm 21 (maybe its 22 but im pretty sure its 21). To my knowledge its is the same shape as the XX, but it has the pps plate on it and in turn is a little beefier. Mind you the graphics on this ski are the ugliest you will come across this season... but it is meant more for groomed i think.
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