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Snowbasin Sunday Feb 8th ?

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If anyone is up for Skiing Snowbasin this sunday Let me know. They are running a buy two lift passes for the price of one for all Utah season Pass holders. I have a Season Pass to Park City. I'm willing to use my Pass to get the deal. reg Snowbasin Price is $54.00 That would be $27.00 to ski a really great ski mountain. reply here or send a PM
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Nobody wants to ski Snowbasin for only $27.00 this Sunday?
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I would love to, but with the last minute round trip airfare going for $1,300, it's not much of a deal for me anymore [img]smile.gif[/img] Have a great time! any weather predictions for the upcoming week?
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Rider, What you won't spend $1300 to save $27 You must not work for the Goverment. It is snowing as I type They say we may get 6 to 8 inches by the morning. Since nobody has taken me up on This offer I'm going to just stay close to home and ski.
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make sure to keep the snow coming. I'll be there Thurs to fight the holiday crowds...wheee
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Rider, The deal for snowbasin is still good for the whole Month of Feb. It is to Bad your not here untill 12th I have 11th off. I can ski Sunday The 15th If that fits your plans. By the way if you get in early on thrusday you can ski any of the Park City area resorts for free. Just bring your Airline Ticket with you to the resort.
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Unfortunately, not landing till around 8pm on Thurs. Let me see if the others want to do Snowbasin on Sun. Maybe we ca do that and then Canyons on Mon. Friday and Sat already taken with AltaBird. Thanks for the info.
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What a shame, we skied Snowbasin yesterday - Sunday - but only just read your message. Was a last minute decision to go to Snowbasin in the morning when we were incorrectly told Little cottonwood was closed. We really enjoyed Snowbasin, still foudn some fresh tracks in the tree
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Just saw the forcast for the next few days and it looks like you may have found some of the last freshies to be had for a while
Guess, I'll have to see whats left...
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Julie you just have to keep up here at epic ski You just never know what you may miss. They may have had little Cottenwood closed for a time. They offten close it early in the morning on a snowy day untill they got all the avalanch control work done. It is not uncommon for a line of cars to form at the mouth of the Canyon waiting for the all clear sign. The road up to Alta and snowbird is The most avalach prone road in the US that is open all year. They take Avalanch safty vary serious up there.
I have to say that Snowbasin is my favorite Utah ski Mountain. I'm heading up there Sunday the 15th, no matter what. I might just hang in the parking lot and see if there is anyone who wants to do the 2 for 1 deal.
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Utah, do you think they would let 4 for 2 et by if someone has a pass? I have 3 of us who will be in the area and we are considering heading over to Snowbasin, but It would be a definite if my other two knew they could get half price tix as well.
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rider I'll make a call and find out and will post back.
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Ok Rider., Here is what Liz from Snowbasin said. They can only do one pass per Season Pass holder. However as she pointed out just ask people in the Parking if they hold a snowbasin season pass. I'm sure someone will step up and be willing to share the wealth,so to speak. Offer to meet the skier and buy them a Beer or two at the end of the day.
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Ok, thanks for making the call. Let me see what these yahoo's want to do and I'll let you know. Always fun meeting up with people from here.
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Rider I'm working on getting a couple of Utah locals up there Sunday to join us.
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I will be skiing Snowbasin this Saturday & Monday. I have to work Sunday afternoon, but could be talked into skiing a couple runs in the morning if you need a passholder to "guest" someone.
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U49, Let me know if you find two other pass holders. We would like to meet up, but my buds want to make sure we can all get the half price tickets. I really appreciate the effort. I'll drop you a PM with my email and other contact info so we can figure out how to meet up. Thanks again.
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U49, I'm on the way out the door. I sent you a PM with my cell if you want to try and meet up. See you out there.
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