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JH March 3 - 8

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Can't make the Gathering but I will be in JH on the dates posted above.

There will be a group of 8 drinking buddies that have a skiing problem. Hope to meet some locals (Bob.Peters, this means you!) and fellow Bears for some runs and beers!

Anyone going to be in the area? We are staying in the Rendevous Village Condo's.

Last year I pulled a calf muscle half way thru the first day and was unable to give Corbett's a shot, but I may get up the nerve to try it this time!

[img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] Sam

"If skiing were easy it would be called snowboarding!"
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I'll be in Jackson the same time you are there. PM me when you get closer to visiting and we'll meet up for some runs/beers.

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Count two more in! Laviniu and myself will be skiing in the area in the March 2nd -> 7th period. Will you please PM so we can set up some way of meeting?

Thank you, eugen
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