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SLC arriving tomorrow 1/28/04

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Well folks, I'm finally back on line thanks to a nasty ice storm here in Augusta, GA. I'm looking forward to seeing some real winter weather and it looks like I may finally get a western trip in when it snows every day. Because of that, and my tight schedule, I am going to stay in SLC and not make the trip up to Jackson for the Gathering.

I plan on the following schedule:
PCMR- Wednesday afternoon/night
Alta- Thursday with Maddog and maybe some other bears
Snowbasin- Friday post academy day
Powder Mountain?- Saturday
Alta- Sunday full day before flying out

I know many folks have different plans for Saturday. Will anyone be available to make some turns any of those other days?

I'm staying at the Extended Stay, Sandy. PM me with phone numbers, I'll have my laptop with me but I will need cable or DSL to get internet access (don't know if avail at ES) or look me up at the hotel.

Sam Graci
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Rusty hope you see this when you get back. I was great to meet up with you and ski Park city. Hope you had a good time here. Next time you get back to Utah we will have to make some more turns together.
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Rusty, good to meet you at Alta and ski with you again at Snowbasin!! Helen and I had lots of fun. Good luck with the rest of your trip and get back out to OOOtah soon.

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Rusty, Madddog

It was nice to meet you guys at Snowbasin. Also it was nice to meet Helen. Unfortunately I did not feel great. I think the flat light was making me dizzy (vertigo?). After a few unexpected compressions at high speed and wind crust that blended with the groome so perfectly, I called it a day. I felt too much like an accident waiting to happen.

I hope you guys had a great day!
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TomB, Stmbtres, it was good to meet and ski with you as well. I hope you are feeling better Tom! Helen and I spent the rest of the day skiing the ridge line off the John Paul Express highspeed quad. I think the area is called the John Paul Experts Only area. Nice trees and the snow was pretty good but with a bit of crust. We had a great time.

UtahJim, thanks for guiding us for the first part of the day. It is nice to get a feel for the mountain from someone who knows the mountain!!

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