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Ski tunes in JH

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who do you recommend?
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JW, Ski Tunes as in music or that thing I'm supposed to do my edges and bases.

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I'm sure Bob will have some suggestions but I have a buddy who works in the shop at Wildernest Sports and he has always done a great job for me.

One of the other shops at the base (I forget which one) has one of the robotic tuners which are supposed to do a very good job.

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If you're into doing it yourself you can borrow my iron & quicky edge filer.
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Edge Sports (in town), TVS or Wildernest
at the hill.
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Everbody got it but PowDigger :
To clarify, Ed, I was looking for a rec. on ski tuning. Don't need any help with ski tunes, thanks, will be bringing my Britney Spears CDs.
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I prefer Jessica Simpson and my MP3 player. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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