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Thank You Bob.Peters

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I just wanted to publicly thank Bob Peters for being the most gracious ski guide I have ever met. I was lucky enough to ski with Bob for a few hours last week and he went out of his way show me the mountain. For those of you who going to Jackson Hole, he is an invaluable asset. Thanks again Bob
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I'll second that!

Bob is an amazing guy. If anybody gets the chance to meet the man, let alone ski with him, they should consider themselves lucky. (Bob, hope I don't fill your schedule after that statement)

Bob has shown me places on the slopes I thought didn't exist. I've skied with him in Wolverine Cirque, Utah, with Andrew McLean. Met other bears through him, and have skied with Kristen Ulmer due to him. I can't seem to shake this Si guy because of him, but won't hold it against him. Bob and I have spend a few days in the backcountry, and I've learned a new angle on a old sport of mine. I've since taken up backcountry skiing and love it! I've skied with him in Wyoming and Jackson numerious times, and he has exhausted me everytime, yet doesn't push anybody, but can still humble the best. He has become somewhat of a mentor to me. He is truly a professional in every aspect of his life. Bob has even tried to help me find a better career!

Ohh yea, Ruth rules too! Their hospitality to two testosterone filled midtwenty year old guys was amazing!

Thanks for everything you have taught me.

See you in a few weeks. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] I'll buy ya a few beers.

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one more thing (and i'll bet this is the sorta thing that bob really hates)...

the day EVERYONE WAS SUPPOSED TO WEAR THEIR ONE-PIECES at last year's gathering, only ONE PERSON showed up "retro." and that would be ME. we were at snowbird and milling around to find out what would be open. and there i am in my Famous Blue Stretches, with the @#$% snowflakes on the knees. and as far as the eye could see, skiers and riders in up-to-date, far more functional apparel. except for one person.

can you say "just slightly self-conscious"?

bob was the only guy who said to the effect, "hey, that's cool." not the pants. just the fact that i'd done it.

ya got big points with me there, robert. "gentlemen" are a dying breed, so far as i can tell. good to know there are still a few around.

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I still can't believe you fell for that ryan!
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once bitten, doood.

back atcha.

(lookin' forward to seeing YOU and el fredo again, too.)
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Jeez, you guys, ease up.

I have every bit as much fun seeing people enjoy skiing as you might have skiing with me. Let's just do more of it in the future.


Oh, and Ryan... it was cool. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Bob is just about always right on when it comes to skiing. The rare exceptions include having to check out the worst snow just in case it's better than expected (which I admit I like to do) and his description to me of this Alta Skier guy whom he described as a very good skier before I met him. I still don't understand why Bob thinks that skiing fast over rocks in chutes and breaking skis makes Alta a good skier but given his other attributes I think I'll just let it slide.

In retort to Alta's comments in refernce to me, I can only say that I've tried to help him see the light but it's pretty tough given the environment of his undergraduate education.
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