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X Wave 10

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Salomon says their flex is 110.
You can adjust the flex by removing the canting locks.
What is the flex after adjustment?

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Same as the XWave 9 which I can't remember off of the top of my head. Probably 100 though.
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Hi Jacek,
Welcome to the forum.
Flex is always a difficult thing to compare. There is no standard for reporting flex, so it can only be compared relative to Salomon boots.
What I would suggest is: forget about the numbers, go by what they feel like, that's a more accurate way of saying what it is.
e.g. my old Salomon Evo2 8.0 boots had a flex of 80. My Tecnica Icon Alu Comps are rated 90.
One is pitched as an intermediate recreational boot, the other is described as an expert.
Looking in one of the UK catalogues, they compare the Tecnica (90) with the Crossmax 10 (110), or the Course Trans (120).

Go for the feeling!

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What L7 said and the carbon rail in the back of the boot does NOTHING (I removed mine on the x-10) might be attached on the course boot.

FYI: Buy the X-9 and if you need it stiffer just tnut the boot (like the X-10 has). Save $50 bucks

X-wave 9 $400 ish US $600 CND at

and X-8 for $50less, X-10 for $50 more

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Thanks for all the information,
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