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So here's a little in rich Canada apparently..


Today all Blacks Camera locations closed in Canada.  So Blacks used to develop film and sell cameras.  They kinda morphed into a digital print place and still sell cameras.  So I wanted to print a photo-quality print.  If I send the image to Blacks online and walked over and picked it up, it's costing me $7.49 plus 14% tax, so $8.54CDN..which is about 86 cents US..kidding.   And the quality is mediocre at best.  If I send the image to WHCC in the States, it costs me $3.65, no tax and no charge shipping, the quality is better and I get it at my front door in 2 days.  Now I ask you, which would you do?  And this isn't just Blacks, it's many Canadian companies.  Apparently we can afford to pay more than double for a comparable wonder a 2 bedroom bungalow that's 800 sq ft costs you $1.2 million in Toronto...  :dunno