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Jackson Gathering Friday Reception

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OK Jackson Bound Bears,

The Snake River Brewing Co. is our Friday night watering hole and vittles station. They have a great selection of beer and reasonably priced food. Plus a room large enough to accommodate everyone.

We will meet at 7:00pm which should allow those arriving in town that day a chance to get settled in and meet up with us. We will meet in the bar area for drinks and greets and then decide on a seating arraignment. We will go late into the night so those rolling into town should stop by and check it out and hear about what get skiing you missed that day.

For those staying on mountain we will try and help you out with the Give a Fellow Bear a Ride Program or the "GFBRP" (pronounced GIF BURP).

We are working on activities for Saturday Night which will include the all important vote for the place of Gathering V. Be ready to defend and lobby for your favorite place. We will decide by way of written vote before 10:00pm Saturday Night, after which I will be to drunk to count votes. So be there or don't complain when Milton Keynes is the next location.

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Delete former post and say this:

Bob Peters has convinced me - I'LL BE THERE!!!!

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30 DAYS! I've been looking forward to this since JH was announced mid-July. Finally, within a month.

edit: "Be ready to defend and lobby..." duly noted.

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I'm staying at the Super 8 and will have either a car or truck but I'm not sure I'll want to drive back from the reception. Anyone staying at the Super 8 want to volunteer to be the designated driver?
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Can I volunteer to get a taxi?
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The Jackson bus system is cheap and prompt. Picks you up across the street from Snake River and drops you off at Teton Village.

Downside is that the last bus leaves town at 10:30. Arrives Teton Village at 11:01.

Check out the Jackson bus system here:

Town Bus

See y'all in a few weeks.

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Adrianz and I are renting a car, and staying the The Aspens (4 miles from Teton Village). We could drop a couple of people back to Teton Village/The Aspens at the end of the night, assuming they are ready to go at the same time as us. We have an 'intermediate' size car, so could maybe squash 3 in the back.

The might need an adventurous spirit (or really drunk) to be prepared to travel with a female driver who is used to driving to the left hand side of the road
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ahmastayinetHostelXendwudwannapoolbacknforthafter1 1pm
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
ahmastayinetHostelXendwudwannapoolbacknforthafter1 1pm
Aaah s*@t. Gonzo's already slurring his words and it's not even 5:30 pm yet. On the east coast!

That works out fine though. We can just bungee him to the roof for the ride back to the Hostel and squeez another person in the back of the car. Once he thaws out in the morning he should be good and sober. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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that implies FREEZING!

and all this time I thought alcohol was a decent vector to prevent my blood from freezing.


bungee cords aren't strong enough
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Hey folks,

Bob.Peters has been doing a lot of leg work for us and the Committee is grateful for his help. He has announced a possible change in plans for the Friday and Saturday evening socials.

The changes are based on the availability of the restaurant ability to handle a large crowd and keep us all together. Bob has talked to the Snake River folks and it appears that Saturday would be e better night for them. So Bob has proposed the following change and I concur.

Bob's Do-Over Thread

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