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Slatz, Your PM is full

I am being banished to Madison for X mas.
Anything fun happening down that way skiwise?

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Tyrol's about 2/3rds open. They're making snow on the "ridge". Should be open if the weather holds.
I'm going tomorrow night. We're training Tues nights but gone to Mt Riply the weekend between. My wife's patrolling a "swing shift" at Devil's Head on New Years Eve so I'm going there for a few hours. New Years Day is a tossup, I have to take some kids to Indianhead for a speed camp that evening.
Monday the 29th is a warmup night for our adult race league at Tyrol. Should be a good time.
I'll clean out my box.

[ December 21, 2003, 10:07 PM: Message edited by: SLATZ ]
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Thanks SLATZ,

Wow, busy Mt Ripley one weekend then back up to Indianhead a few days later.

I am going to try a get a day or night in when I am down there. Not sure if we are staying until the 29th but would be fun to meet.

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That's my life in winter, 4 nights a week at the hill then one of travel and weekends coaching somewhere. My wife gets pretty tired of it. She's joining me for the Ripley trip though. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Got some good turns in tonight.
Skiing's great come on out.
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