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National Academy 2004

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I know it's awefully early to be thinking about this.... but... anyone thinking about going this year? Does anyone know how early I really have to commit to get a spot? Airfares are looking good so I'm really considering it. Talk to me about it.
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I've been thinking about it a bit. I haven't been since the middle 1980's.

I believe each division is guaranteed a certain number of spots until a cut-off date, after which leftover openings are offered to whichever division wants them.
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Just received an email notice from PSIA- National, that you can sign up for the Academy on line in the "members section" of the National website (psia.org).

All the details are in there, prices, dates, accom options, etc

You can count on the Academy being filled by mid-late Feb. So you shouldn't wait too long if you are seriously considering it.

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