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Gathering Tune-up????

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I’ve been reading some of the threads about the Eastern Academy Tune-Up and they’ve started me thinking about the need for a Gathering Tune-Up. Most of the gathering attendees will not be in proper condition for three days of skiing at high altitudes nor will they be ready for three late nights of drinking (though I hear one of our London attendees has been training heavily for this aspect of the Gathering). I figure with all the long days, long nights, thin air, extreme cold... that we’re going to be one sorry lot by Sunday morning. Do you think we should have a tune-up somewhere?
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prob'ly not quite whatcha have in mind but i'll be "tuning up" at snowking thursday the 29th. half-day if i get in on time, otherwise a few laps that evening.
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Snow King will be mine on the afternoon of the 29th.

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Snow King

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