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Mt Hood Meadows 12/7 Sunday

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We will be up skiing this Sunday if anyone is available. Hope to see y'all.

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Leigh and I are packed and ready. Hope to see see you and the family.
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Cool, I'll keep an eye out for ya.

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Ryel, nice skiing with you and the lovely wife.

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Good to see you folks out there having fun. Someday I hope to have the skill and ability to keep up with you two! Always want to get better... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey Maddog!

How's the patroling going? I've done a couple of days at SkiBowl, but haven't seen you. What day's and times are you there?

I'm also considering Meadows this coming Sat or Sun. Raymond, Dwight...
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Hey folks, good to hear from you. Leigh and I are kinda holding back just yet. A bit concerned about the roads and some of the people on them as well as getting socked in at Meadows. We are looking forward to getting up soon though. Keep us in mind and enjoy all you can.
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Hey guys:

After an epic week at Bachelor where we got an average of about 14" each day for about a week, I am back in Portland. Why I am back I can't fathom. Damn that skiing was good.

I patrol on Sundays, but where is up to the wisdom of the sled trainers (I spend this entire year sled training). Last Sunday it was Ski Bowl, where we again had epic snow. The 15" we had was as good as any I have ever skied at Ski Bowl. On East Wall and West Wall I was getting face shots the whole ride. But I don't know if I will be skiing at the Bowl or T-Line till just before I show up. Oh well, Maybe that will smooth out before long!

I will try to post my whereabouts as I know.

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