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Okemo 12/12-12/14

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We'll be at Okemo for a short family ski trip next weekend. Anyone else going to be there?

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Um, you are aware that the ETU takes place that weekend, aren't you?

I gotta imagine, most bears inclined to ski VT that weekend will be doing so at Stowe.
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Yes, I am aware of that.
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I will be there Sat,Sun, and Monday. Saturday I am working. Sunday would be a better day if you would like to hook up for some runs.
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Hi Terry
Thanks for responding. We'll be leaving on Sunday so I don't think I'll be out skiing. Any chance I can stop by between line ups on Saturday just to say hello?
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BillA- Check your PM box
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I'll look for you on Saturday [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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BillA, I'm there every weekend. I'll be doing my Mt. Ambassador thing on Saturday. Look for the blue Okemo jacket with a yellow helmet on top of it.

I just found this forum, Now I have another place to surf...
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Carbon Leedom helmet and orange 10.20s at Stratton this weekend...yeeeaaaaahhhhhh. SB10s after noon.
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It was really nice meeting you at Okemo this weekend.Next time maybe we can get some runs in.Let me know when you come up again!
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It was nice meeting you also. I was impressed with your areas ability to recover from the rain on Thursday. Okemos high ratings for grooming are well deserved.
Looking forward to skiing with you on our next trip.
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