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Belleayre 11/30

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Who's going?

[ November 29, 2003, 10:47 AM: Message edited by: BillA ]
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Anyone? Anyone?
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Buehler, Buehler....

We would, only we're embroiled in a thing called "water leaks", and don't know if we can get away. It's always something.

Kee Tov?
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Fine, stay home and watch the Giants lose again. We'll be out on the hill having some fun.

[ November 29, 2003, 03:27 PM: Message edited by: BillA ]
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Based on Belleayre's present conditions, I'd suggest that you reconsider.
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Just got back from 2 days at Belleayre. Missed this thread. Was involved in a early season warm up with A.S.I.A.

We always find snow....yeah not much, but we got an intermediate group skiing the soft "sand" along the side of the trail doing short arc turns!!!!

Of course Balance was a big part of the warm up.

Yeah, only one trail, icy on top, but it's skiing. And having a warm up with 3 instructors for 10 participants ain't bad either!!!

They are planning on having everything running by the end of next weekend...Dec 8ish.
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Considering the weather we've had lately conditions weren't too bad, not great but not awful either. Like KeeTov said “it’s skiing”.
I saw your group on the hill KeeTov; too bad I didn’t know you were there.
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