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I worked a season in the rentals department of a ski shop. It was off-mountain, an hour+ from any type of skiing. Rentals is basically the lowliest department that all the noobs get stuck working in. Took the job because I needed a new snowboard, but considering the amount of money I lost working for barely-over minimum wage, I probably lost money on the deal. Perks were good, though - free lift tickets, working with other skiers/snowboarders, etc. Then the spring came and I didn't feel like getting into pools or van deliveries, so I left. 


I worked in a not quite ski, but related job in Steamboat: running maintenance at a condo management company, obviously based around ski visitors. Also good perks: skiing on lunch break (rarely, but it happened), surrounded by likeminded co-workers, employee locker room right at the base .... (taking a nap in an empty condo unit :D). 


And I suppose I still do related work sometimes - I'm a writer and have written about ski gear, travel, etc. I've never covered SIA, but I do Outdoor Retailer and ISPO most winters.