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Latigo - sizing advice

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With skis now deeply discounted, I'm considering augmenting my equipment with a pair of Latigos. Did not have a chance to demo them but have skied on other Blizzards in the Freemountain series and own a pair of Bonafides, so am reasonably certain that the Latigo will work for me. Not an expensive gamble at the sale prices anyway. Looking for some feedback on what length is appropriate.


About me: Near retirement age but relatively fit and a reasonably solid level 7 skier - 5'7" and 190 lbs. Very happy with my 173cm Bones for western trips. For eastern hardpack, I've bee using a venerable pair of 176cm Atomic LT12s, which the Latigos would obviously replace.


The 184 Latigo seems too long and the 170 too short, leaving the 177 as the obvious logical candidate.

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The 177 would be your size. It skis a tad shorter than it is and is a ripping fun ski all over the frontside and in the bumps.

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I'm 5'9, close to 200 lbs and I got the 177's.  It was a great ski season at my little local hill in NY and IMO the Latigo's did everything well.  Of course I couldn't wait to replace my old 160cm Atomic C9:18's so I didn't get the discounts.  I suppose mine would have to be more fun than yours because I paid more.   :)

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Thanks all - 177 it is.


Having the Latigos will create a dilemma when I head out west though. Seems like bad snow years are becoming more common and much of the time in the Rockies, Tetons or even the Wasatch, there really is not much of a need for even a mid-fat. The dilemma will be whether to bring the Latigos and rent something wider if needed. But then of course, the Bones will be lonely at home. So maybe I bring both . . .


Thanks again.

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