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Chicago Week 2017 - Beaver Creek, Colorado

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CMSC has selected Beaver Creek, Colorado, as the destination for our annual Chicago Week trip.  This will be the first time Chicago Week has gone to Beaver Creek.  The trip date is February 25 - March 4, 2017.  Hope to see you there!

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I support the selection of Beaver Creek as the 2017 destination for Chicago Week.  Great choice! I was there and voted.  My opinion from the beginning was that Beaver Creek would be an excellent choice.  However, I voted early-on for the area that my club had indicated interest in--a vote we took after the short list was given.  But I represent a small club that may have only 20 participants, so I wouldn't have wanted to be the one to sway the final outcome of the vote for the whole group.  I feel the majority should rule. I did also felt a responsibility to vote my own club's choice as long as there was support from other voters.  Being from a small club, I am somewhat compelled to vote for destinations we would like to do, but can't do on our own because we wouldn't get the group rates or the land transportation would be too costly.  One of the resorts that we discussed was one we could do--we would have support of both the accomplished and the not so accomplished skiers, and the land transportation wouldn't  be so costly for us.  So I really hoped the CMSC would not pick that destination.  While I want to support CMSC trips because our participants enjoy them so much, I need to think of what our club can do on its own too.  There are all kinds of nuances that govern our thought processes when we vote. I felt the area my club favored would be eliminated for all the reasons it eventually was eliminated.  It lost support on each vote, and I could have withdrawn my vote for it at any time.  I didn't want my club to hear that I didn't support their selection.  Which brings me to my point, the CMSC doesn't want the selection committee to "leak" the selection until the selection is announced to all the tour operators who submitted bids.  But at least one of the tour operators knew what area I voted for on behalf of my club.  One other time our representative on the selection committee did not vote the club's preference, her vote was leaked, and she caught heck from the then club president. She had voted her conscience based on the pros and cons given during the meeting. How did our president know how she voted before she had a chance to talk to him?  I think that most people at those selection committee meetings have been around enough to know how the process works, and they want to make the best selection possible--isn't that why we allow "wild card" bids?  The selection committee participants shouldn't leak information about how individual representatives voted. We should be able to vote a "blind" vote without alienating a tour operator.  We should have a chance to explain our vote to our club. Now I want to thank the CMSC leadership for all they do. They are dedicated to presenting opportunities for great trips year after year.  Anyone who hasn't been on a CMSC trip should try it sometime.  You're in for a great time!

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