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I know it's not very challenging but does anyone want to tool over to Cooper Spur and say hi to me? I'm the one with his butt in the air teaching newbies over on the rope. Fri-sat-sun and most of next week- spring break.
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thank you for teaching them Bob. Lord knows we play on the hill with a lot of people that never have learned. In fact, I'm one of them that is still learning! Keep up the good work.
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Ryel- Nah! I've seen you ski.... fine skier. What a treat! One of my students came into Gart the other day and bought some skis. He had two classes with me. He's stoked enough now to buy his own stuff. There's the real paycheck... when you see progress in your students and on top of that they go get their own stuff to continue the sport.
We're starting to lose snow. Who needs gates? Just ski in between the exposed sticks and land mines! [img]smile.gif[/img] Might be able later to join y'all later and teach you all how to crash and burn properly! [img]smile.gif[/img] Bob
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Sorry I missed your call, Bad Rat. But I couldn't have gone, anyway. I promised my newly appointed wife (did I mention we got married?) that I'd spend the day with her.

How about some beer this week, everyone? I'm free Wednesday or Thursday.

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Wonderful news!! Congatulations Sue!!!

Thursday's out, but I can certainly meet for beer tomorrow. Anyone else?
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sorry, tonights already planned and the wife has the car tomarrow so I'm planted. Congrats Sue, wishing you a life of happiness.
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Now you know, Raymond, that i'd be happy to pick you up. Better yet, we can all meet at your place! [img]smile.gif[/img]

You in?

Edit: Oh yeah, I can bring those TGR DVDs too.
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I'm looking forward to video night but wife says we are dining with eldest son tonight. He leaves thursday so life should become easier.
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Thanks, everybody, for the congrats. We're enjoying being newlyweds! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Movie night at Ray's sounds even better. Maybe next week?
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Sure, what day/time is good?
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Originally posted by Ryel:
Sure, what day/time is good?
Thursday evenings are best for me.
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Congrats, Sue!

It sounds like we've given up on beer this week. Anybody have any preferences for next week? For me, Tuesday and Wednesday are out, but I'd be happy with Monday or Thursday.
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Let us convene on Thursday, then at Casa del Ryel.
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OK. Should we tell Ray, or no?

Somebody PM me and tell me the address, please.
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Thursday sounds good to me, what time should I expect ya all?
Does 6:30 - 7 sound OK?

[ March 28, 2004, 04:34 PM: Message edited by: Ryel ]
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if anyone needs directions just give me a call, I'm in the book.
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6:30-7:00 is fine for me.
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6:30 sounds good
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any want to meet at Meadows very soon? Let Slider know as well.
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Seems like there's something happening Sunday (4/25/04). Is that right? I've seen some mentions of meeting in other threads, but this is the appropriate thread, so if anyone's meeting, speak up! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I don't know about last weekend, but isn't Meadows closing this Sunday?

I think the group from Ski Chalet is planning on being there, so I may go.

Last Saturday, I hit T-line- fine day.
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We went up last sunday, enjoyed the morning ice and softening slush but left at noon. Kinda spur of the moment but did not see anyone we knew. It was erie how the lower runs emptied after cascade having the mountain to ourself. Probably our last day this year but looking forward to next. Work put new stuff to block "non-work" sites so I will only be on in the evening when I check in so have a great summer and laugh a lot. Stop by and say hello anytime.
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