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Re-molding FullTilt Mary Jane

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Boots: FullTilt Mary Jane

Modifications: Custom footbeds, foam work near Achilles to prevent heel lift

Days in boots: ~50 over 3 seasons (1st season cut short after 3 days due to knee injury)

Why I chose these boots: Worked with bootfitter in Boulder and tried on many boots. Went with the Mary Jane since I needed boots that could deal with big calves. Also, comfort was a huge factor since I've had multiple surgeries on my ankle--the hardware is now out.


Fast-forward to now. Have lost over 50 lbs (and plan on 20+ before next ski season). The shell is still the correct size. However, I have the boots as tight as they can go. If I start getting extra movement around my medial malleolus, I can have serious pain. For this reason, I do not walk very far in my boots and change into sneakers once I'm off the snow.  I tried a Bunga pad (from hockey) and this worked wonderfully for the first half of the day, but I wound up in worse shape by the end of the day. I wish there was some kind of donut Bunga pad.


  1. I know that the foam in the Intuition liners compress over time, but can I still have them remolded a second time to accommodate for my reduced ankle volume? If that works, maybe that and shorter cables might help.
  2. With a month left of skiing (10+ days) and I might have trouble getting them done now. Any suggestions for a temporary modification to get me through the rest of the season?
  3. The Mary Jane has "Plush" liners; Rumor has Performer; Soul Sister has Pro PowerWrap. Is the aftermarket Pro Liner the same as the Pro PowerWrap in the Soul Sister? Can it be used in the Mary Jane?


I didn't get in touch with my bootfitter before he left town for the season and have one in mind that I'm going to contact. I'd appreciated any advice anyone has to offer.


Extra tidbit: No, this is not pre-fracture. That is a non-union fracture and my (new) ankle-specialist and knee orthopedic surgeon are okay with my skiing, but I know I need surgery in the next few years to prevent further arthritis issues. Unfortunately, the metal plates and screws will not be removed after the next surgery which got my into the dilemma where I did not ski for 10+ years.


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After reading more on Intuition liners on their site (instead of the FullTilt site), I have now discovered there are more types available than the Plush, Performer, Pro PowerWrap, and the Aftermarket Pro Liner. The other options directly from the Intuition Liners site are based on 2 mm Rubber Sole, High Volume, High Volume Sole,




Pro Tongue Classic FX/HD/RD  
Dreamliner Denali  
Luxury Luxury HV/MV  
PowerWrap+ MukLuk  
Pro Tour Pro Tour & Pro Tour HV  


I cannot saw with any amount of certainty if the Full Tilt aftermarket liner with J bar is identical to one of the intuition liners like the Pro Tongue or PowerWrap+. Is there an equivalent?

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after time any liner will pack out and stretch and become bigger


as you ski more, you will demand more performance


as you loose weight every part of you becomes smaller (feet too)




So the boots you have a feeling bigger, you are smaller, and you are demanding more from the boots.      You can put in a new, thicker liner, and that will help for a while, but the issue is (I think) that the boots are just to big volume for your foot.   If you like the fulltilt, 3part shape, maybe try the soul sister?  (or any of the other, 98mm, narrower FT boots,  they are all the same shape)



If you want more info on intuition liners, and can't see yours local boot fitter,  I would call intuition directly.  They are great to deal with.

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The problem you are having sounds as if the boots are too large in volume.  Yes, you can have the liners remolded or buy new liners, but probably that fix will be very short-lived.


The Full Tilt boot is in many ways more difficult to modify than more conventional boots and the buckling system doesn't have the same effect of wrapping the ankle that a four buckle boot does.


I know many people like the design and I sell the Krypton from Dalbello which is similar concept.  but you may want to consider starting again and at least trying on some four buckle boots.



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