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Guided and and unguided backcountry skiing during the Gathering

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Hi again,

I was really thinking about taking one of the Jackson Backcountry camps this year but then I saw that the Gathering was being held the weekend before the camp I was going to take and I thought that the Gathering would be more fun.

But I really want to explore outside the gates of Jackson. Only problem is I'm scared sh!#less of dieing in and avalanche and I don't own a beacon, shovel, probe etc... I am an experience wilderness hiker but a very green backcountry skiier. I want to explore and learn but it's not worth my life. Living on the east coast it's hard to get any experience or time to practice rescue drills and the like.

How many of y'all are experienced backcountry skiers?

How many of you have gone OB at Jackson?

Are any of you going to be venturing throught the gates this year?

I was planning on hiring a guide for a morning or an all day tour since there would be some instruction and some piece of mind knowing that your guide knows how to avoid the 50 cliff bands and terrain traps in the canyons that surround JH. Here are their prices for this year.

2003-2004 Prices Full Day $475
Half Day AM (4 hours) $365
Half Day PM (3 hours) $265
6th person (6 people max) $85

Here are all the details:

Jackson Guide Service

Would anyone be interested in hiring a guide to explore the backcountry during the Gathering?

I think it would be a fun thing to do while we're there.

Let me know what you think.


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Hi, Sean.

Hiring a guide is an excellent idea. They provide the beacon/probe/shovel, enough training to get you at least somewhat comfortable with how to use the gear, and they know the best places to go. They can tailor a trip to whatever level of skiing and/or exertion you'd like.

Most people hire them for the morning half-day session. Doing that gets you on the Ski School tram at 8:30am instead of having to stand in line for the first public tram at 9:00. When you hire a guide, you get a little bit of a jump on the rest of the skiers on the mountain, and the guides get to cut the liftlines (with a somewhat confusing exception involving the tram between 9:00am and 10:00am). All in all, it's a great way to get your feet wet in backcountry skiing.

Let's see how things develop as it gets closer to the Gathering. I know that at least some of the Bears (AC, AltaSkier, Si) who are coming have all the gear and have done varying amounts of bc skiing. I'm sure we'll get *something* put together.


BTW - your post about the Hostel(x) was very interesting. I had specifically asked them this past June whether they would reserve rooms for a portion of that week rather than a full week. They had said "no", so I passed that info on to the Committee working on the site, etc. I know that at least one person has already made reservations at Wagon Wheel Village, so we might want to figure out pretty soon which place should be "Gathering Central".
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If you are planning on going ob from the resort, by all means, hire a guide. Especially if it gets you out sooner.

But if you are at all inclined to rent at gear or can telemark (or a split board) and there are some experienced partners for you to go with ( i like to see at least 3 experienced for every newbie in the bc) check out some of the stuff off the pass. It can be a more peaceful experience than the resort ob.
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Thanks Bob and Fez.

I'm seriously thinking of doing the morning half day thing. I guess I'll just wait and see how the group feels and who is interested in what. I'd just like to see as much terrain as I can while I'm there. It's just so beautiful no matter where you look out there.


I don't have any tele gear but I will be learning this winter at Whitegrass Touring Company in West Va high up on the Allegany Plateau. Our Mid Atlantic piece of backcountry.


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[quote]Originally posted by SeanyMac:

I'm seriously thinking of doing the morning half day thing.

Do the whole day, its only $110 more. Ask for Tom Bennitt, Dave Miller or Theo Minor. They are all good guys that know there stuff.
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Checking in...

I'm definitely up for a BC tour while in Jackson. Let's see if we can keep the interest growing.
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Sounds like a plan PinHead.

I'm going to take my first Tele lesson this winter. Don't think I'll be on tele gear in Jackson but I'm interested in learning the art.

Do you do a lot of touring in Summit Co.?

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a little low angle stuff for fun throughout the season and a 'bit more higher angle stuff in the spring.

look forward to meeting you in Jackson.
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