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Hi all,

I was very glad to see that the Gathering is being held at Jackson this year. I was planning to make a pilgrimage anyway so this is just icing on the cake.

I have booked my plane ticket and will be arriving Wednesday night the 28th and flying out on the 3rd on the 1:25pm United flight. Need to maximizer those skiable hours right?

Anyway, I just booked a room at the Hostel X for those six nights. I've stayed at the Hostel before and it's a great place. Like Bob said it's old and can be a little noisey because it's and old wooden building and the walls are a little thin BUT, you're only 100 yards from the Tram and only 50 from the Mangy Moose.

They have two types of rooms:

king bed or bunk room with 4 singles.

I have secured a king room for myself and hopefully my wife if she can sneak away.

Kings = $55.12 per night including tax for 1 or two people
Bunk room = 68.90 per night including tax for 3 or 4 people.

I guess you could put two people in a bunk room if you wanted to split the cost but didn't have enough people to fill it up or just didn't want to spend 5 nights with three other smelly skiers. :

I told him that we were a group of about 8-16 and he said that was no problem at all since they have only taken about 3 reservations for the winter.

I also asked about a minimum number of nights and he said it didn't matter how many nights you stayed. I told him that most people would be coming in on the 29th and departing the 3rd but also asked about people coming in on the 30th and leaving on the 2nd and he said it wasn't a problem.

I stayed there with my wife two years ago during the Olympics and it was a great ski lodge. There is a big room downstairs with a nice fireplace and a maybe three or four couches, a ski tuning room and computer I think. Dial up but hey it's there if you need it.

Check it out The Hostel X

I think it would be a perfect place for the Bears since you don't have to drive anywhere after you get to the mountain. I guess I'm a big fan of being able to wake up and walk to the lifts. And you can't beat the price.

Just thought I would share since Kima had posted a question about the place. The only real down side is that there is no hot tub or pool to sooth the aches and pains of a day skiing 4,196 vertical loops.

Hope that helps with any decision making.

Also, someone mentioned beer. I brew my own beer and drink my share and highly recommend the Snake River beers. I have never had a better pale ale then the one I had after I finished my first decent down the Hobacks. I'm sure the bright sunny day and the thrill of just hanging out with a bunch of great people listening to live music didn't hurt either.

Can you tell I'm getting a little excited.

One last thing. The Hostel doesn't have a common fridge but they do lend out coolers for people to use while staying there. He said they have a bunch and you can keep them in your room during your stay if they have enough. Plus the liquor store is only a 40 yard stagger from the front door.

Can't wait to meet everyone.