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Jackson Hole Gathering Update

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Just got my plane tix for Jackson, arriving Thursday the 29th and leaving Tuesday the 3rd. I'll even be able to bookend the trip with a couple hours at mighty Snow King on my arrival and departure days.

Anyone else made plans?
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Arrive Jackson Hole airport 1/29 early afternoon
Leave Jackson Hole airport 2/3 early afternoon

(See you in Denver and Snowking, Deluxe.)

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I don't need no steeeeenkeen plane!

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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
I don't need no steeeeenkeen plane!

Hey AltaSkier:
Is there a plan afoot to attempt a group buy of lift tix and/or accommodations, or is everyone on their own?
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James -

As mentioned in an earlier thread, Ryan has found some reasonably price lodging for us:

If you are wanting something less primitive I will gladly let you stay in the back of my truck if you don't mind sharing the space with my Pocket Rockets and a case of Reser's burritos.

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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by gonzostrike:
I don't need no steeeeenkeen plane!

Hey AltaSkier:
Is there a plan afoot to attempt a group buy of lift tix and/or accommodations, or is everyone on their own?
</font>[/quote]I'll be hiking this Saturday with a higher-up of the ski corp and I'll ask if there's anything available in the way of group ticket discounts. I believe the group has to be 50 or more to qualify, but I'll find out.

I had sent some info on a couple of accomodation places to AltaSkier and the rest. I know he's working on it. In the meantime, my wife (who spent about a year selling travel packages for a travel service here) suggests that you look into the Wagon Wheel Village:


I just talked to "Laurie" there, and she said they've got open dates during and around the dates of the Gathering. They have a three-night lodging package that includes two days of skiing at Teton Village (that's the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the big one), one day of skiing at Snow King (the town hill), a free shuttle back and forth to the ski area, and breakfasts for $449 TOTAL, 2 persons to a room. If I'm doing my math correctly, that's $225 per person for three days of skiing and lodging. Considering that lift tickets at Teton Village retail for $64/day, that sounds like a pretty good price. The deal gets even better if you can put three or even four in a room.

Wagon Wheel Village is located just north of the square in the town of Jackson. It's very convenient to the shops, bars, and restaurants of town, and you have the shuttle for going to the ski area. My wife says that all the people she booked there were very happy with the rooms and the place in general.

Their reservation number is 800-323-9279.

Just a thought.

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Man, I'm getting "Stoked" about this. Flights are reasonable and this package looks good too. Now if my wife can only get the time off.
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One other thing to add about skiing Jackson Hole this winter...

There will no longer be *any* free parking at Teton Village this winter. The only parking that will be available at the base of the ski area will be paid parking. It was $5.00 per car per day last year. I'll post whatever the new rate is later this fall.

If you don't want to pay to park, your only choices will involve shuttles or buses. There will be free parking (and free shuttles to/from the Village) at the now-under-construction public parking lot on the corner of Hwy 390 (the Teton Village Road) and Hwy 22 (the road that goes west over Teton Pass).

The shuttles from the parking area will start early in the morning, perhaps 6:30am or so, and go pretty late. I'll post those hours as well once they're available.

You can also ride the public transportation system, known as START. Those buses have stops all through the town of Jackson, at Snow King ski area, at the Jackson Hole Racquet Club (where I live), and at the Village. They start early in the morning and go late in the evening.

Also, any of you who choose to stay at the Wagon Wheel can take their free shuttle to either Snow King or the Village. Their shuttle times are posted on their website. I believe, but didn't confirm, that their first shuttle to the Village leaves at 8:00am.

One serious consideration about skiing Jackson Hole is timing in the morning if it's a powder day. If you want to be on the first public tram on most powder days, you would need to be standing in the tram maze by about 7:45am at the latest. That's for a 9:00am first car. Like it or not, that's how it works. Alternatively, you can get in line for the Bridger Gondola at about 8:45am and be among the first up that lift and have access to a lot of the mountain and the other lifts available from there.

It's cold and cloudy here this morning and feels like fall

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