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Michigan Bears?

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Just a thought, how many people here are from around michigan and would attend some sort of michigan-based bears gathering?
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I would definitely be interested. With the Michigan Bears plus those nearby, I bet we could get a good group together.

Great idea!

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I would be interested. I spend a lot of the winter in the U.P.
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I am glad to see there is some interest here If we can start getting something together then we can start trying to decide where to have this thing. Of course, living in Michigan my first thought is Boyne but there are some other rather understated little hills around here. Any suggestions?
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I would enjoy meedting some of the other Michgan Bears. Depending on dates I might be able to attend. However, I tend not to ski at all in Michigan as for the added cost of a flight I can be skiing out west.
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If you want a weekend gathering in Michigan's Lower Peninsula, I'd suggest Schuss. They have similar terrain to Boyne, except a lot less of it, and generally attract shorter lift lines on weekends, except for holidays. Everybody has longer lines on holidays. Slow weekends, especially before the year-end holidays or late January/early February, the Boynes wouldn't be too bad for crowds.

Anyway, I'd be up for a Michigan Bears get-together anywhere east of Marquette and north of Cadillac as long as it isn't a time when I'm required to work. (Hopefully teaching at Boyne Mtn. this season)
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Does "east of Marquette" include Marquette?
How close to Cadillac is Schuss?

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I guess I could get to Marquette. It's been on my "to do" list for some time. Schuss is maybe 100 miles north of Caberfae near Cadillac.
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Marquette is a good hill with quite a bit of affordable food and lodging within 5 minutes drive. Also, I guess K.I. Sawyer air base has been converted into sort of a resort with lodging and recreation on site.

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