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Are you going to do it?

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All right, it's time for testosterone filled, chest beating macho posturing!
Are you going to ski Corbett's ?
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Down Barry's run? I'm a mountain dog, of course!

(now if its just open and they let me on the tram)

miles, you coming?
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Corbet is easy.

This poll is FLAWED.

It doesn't have an "I don't care" option.

[ July 17, 2003, 11:00 AM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ]
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One 'T' guys.

If anybody is interested, the story of Corbet's is very cool, do a search on it. You will find that it was named after a patroller named Barry Corbet, an amazing athlete/person. Give it a read. Jackson Hole's website has a short history, but I remember someplace has more detail.
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...and what the hell is my dog doing posting here? I don't even have a computer at home. Uhh ohh...
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"People will ski that...It will be a run."

from SKIING mag...

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There are many Corbets to ski.

One with little snow = 3xblack diamond
One with some snow = 2xblack diamond
One with lots of snow = 1xblack diamond

So as for skiing Corbets it depends on the snow conditions and the level of "claim" factor on the day of the skier group. When I was there last season Corbets was closed. We had a good look in and it was a long drop into nil room for error and a very rocky high speed runout. We declined Corbets on the day but found some equally big drop ins with room to land in another area of the resort. I reckon if Corbets was a coulour surrounded by trees etc it would seem a whole lot less intimidating. I believe it is the in ya face "cliff on top of the world" view from the top that gives Corbets its allure NOT the actual drop in. Likewise with JH it is the whole "look" of the place that intimidates many NOT the actual ski runs.

The best things about JH is the amazing mountains, international skier cameraderie, compact village, conectivity of runs and diversity of terrian.

It is not a big ski hill as far as "on piste" skiing goes BUT it is huge when one adds the "off piste".

No one should be "scared" of skiing JH. The place is a true inspiration for the unchained skiers soul.

Will I be at the gathering. Possibly (funds permitting) but at the moment most probably I will be in Argentiere introducing my boys to the magestic Mont Blanc mastiff and the French gites (hostel) experience.

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I'm sure anybody on a pair of Pocket Rockets can easily handle it no matter what the entry looks like. If Alta has any problems with it I will gladly lend him mine.
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Speaking of Corbet's:

Yet another Corbet's Photo

This one shows my wife (and others) at the edge of Corbet's. Of the two women with white jackets, she's the one on the right as you look at the photo. She was taking the Women's Steep Camp a few years ago from A J Cargill (the other white coat) and they jumped in shortly after this photo was taken.

She's about the least chest-thumping kind of person you're likely to ever run into, and she's done Corbet's several times. Like The Man from Oz sez, it all depends on the conditions.


BTW, I'll be happy to photo any or all of you who decide to jump in. Just don't expect *me* to do it. :
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Originally posted by Si:
I'm sure anybody on a pair of Pocket Rockets can easily handle it no matter what the entry looks like. If Alta has any problems with it I will gladly lend him mine.
Oops. Didn't mean to volunter myself with this, only Altaskier!
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Maybe I will consider it after the academy?
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Originally posted by Si:
If Alta has any problems with it I will gladly lend him mine.
You have skied with me, seen first hand how I treat skis, and your still willing to lend my your noodles? Sweet!
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As long as the snow is good in Corbet's I'm not too worried about my skis. They can bounce down the whole 700(???) feet of the run and survive just fine (as long as you don't run into the wall with them upon entry)!!!! BTW, I know about this well having jumped into Corbet's, lost skis (it was a hard packed landing), poles, gloves, hat, and goggles and then proceeded to flash it with a LOT of ROTARY (about an axis - my center of mass - that is usually not considered to be very healthy). Luckily in this case I had no injuries although the coach of my steep camp group immediately rolled up my ski pants to check my legs when he reached me saying the last time he saw a person flash Corbet's in such a fashion they had a compound tib-fib fracture.

At this point I don't think I'm willing to test the ceramic bearings and titanium stem of my right hip like I am my skis. But I'd be happy to watch you test your bone and cartilage.
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