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Mt Hood July 20 & 27

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I will be patrolling on both days. Catch me at the top of Palmer since I will be on duty every other hour.

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Hey Big Dog: how’s the snow up on Hood? Seems like you need really strong sun block this year. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Snow on Palmer is THIN.
You can only get about half way down the Mile before you have to walk. The way by the terrain park is narrow and rocky.
The snow is very heavy from midway down after about 10:00.
Not much public skiing. I didn't get out on Zig Zag so I can't comment on that.
I heard rumors that they might have to close sometime in August.
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Yeah, the snow was much better last year and lasted much longer. But the snowfield is still ok with a few spots showing but none in the public ski lane east of the lifts. It has been a bit of a problem with patrol rescues since we now have to cat the patient up from the lower snowboard parks to the mid way where we can sled them down to the high rescue point.

Yesterday we had quite a few injuries, most were routine but at least two needed ambulance rescue and one was a backboard with full spine immobilization.

Slatz, for me the ticket price is just right, free. I am wondering if I will be able to do my last patrol day in September. We will have to see.

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While it doesn't cost you money, I know you pay in other ways. My wife is a patroller too.
I also know that out there you guys are very good. I had a ride down in 98 when I blew my ACL. One guy took me down from midway through some fairly rough stuff by himself.
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