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Will do but be patient I am buried under a sea of white and it is not snow. Just say that we are contributing to the deforestation of the rain forest here.

Check ya,


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Ed, I have too much personal experience-based empathy to giggle about that. Sorry to hear about it. I definitely don't miss the deforestation efforts I advanced during my time beyond the bar.
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Just been reading the RSVP list on the other thread - currently the guys outnumber the woman significantly. In fact I did not recognise any womans names, although the (2) might indicate a partner.

Not that I am complaining about having the guys all to myself , but some female company would be nice.

LADIES ..... I know there are plenty of you out there, come join us at Jackson Hole.
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My wife, Debbie will be going to the Academy and then to the Gathering.

I know she would also be interested if other women are planning on attending.
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great choice gang, I'm in.
Missed SLC gathering last year, but made Fernie and Tahoe the previous years. Getting back on track this season. see you there.
JW [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Great!!! Bring that AT gear there will be people going BC.

Did you up date the RSVP thread???

Momentum is growing!!!


TAG, Where are you?
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Arrive Thursday January 29 and leave February 3.

Staying at Jackson Super 8 and love'n the price. Very cheap...and so am I.

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OK, so what's the current state of play on accomodation?
Bob, Cedric and me STILL haven't got together to sort ourselves out (and we may now have another person joining us)

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I don't know about the hostel x but my double bed room at the Super 8 motel is less than $50.00(US) per night!!! I'm sleeping for $25.00 per night after the split with my bud.

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Mrs. Skicrazy & I have done time at that Super 8. Bring your own coffiee.
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I guess it's now up to me...
Bob the Builder has fled the country (for a holiday in the sun), and Cedric has volunteered me to get it sorted, so...
anyone got spare accomodation for 3 at JH?

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There is one choice that you have to make before we can go further:

Do you want to stay on the mountain or in the town of Jackson?

Either place is going to offer cheap accomodations. Since there are three of you the Hostel will come in at $22.66 per person/night.

For that price you will get slope side sleeping and a nice common area with a big fire place where guests hang out and drink or shoot the shit, watch TV what have you. There is no hot tub and the rooms only have showers. NO bath tubs to soak sore legs. Could be a drawback for some.

The Super 8 is almost the same price but it's 15-20 bus ride to the sloops. You do have more choices to eat out in Jackson so that's a bonus but you can't ski back to your door after a long day of 4,000' vertical tram laps. They may have a hot tub though. It's all about what's more important to you.

I'm staying at the Hostel because it's a fun funky place run by nice people. I can wake up just before the lifts open and stumble to the tram or gondola. At the end of the day I can just ski right down to my room grab my comfy shoes and head to the Moose or just hang out outside and watch the sun go down while refueling with Snake River brews. Then ski 100 yards to my room, shower and hit the Moose or catch a bus into town for dinner.

You can also call JHMR reservations and talk to them about speacials. They always have something going on you just have to call to find out.

Hope that helps.
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I've just booked us in to the Super8.
We'll be there soon.

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I'm at the Hostel X too, so join the stupid potatoes named Sean at the Hostel X for lots of swilling and spilling
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Edit: spot has been spoken for.

[ December 12, 2003, 10:42 AM: Message edited by: eug ]
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Nomination for the best pre-Super Bowl party has to go to EpicSki and the Gathering producers: Powdiggger, AltaSkier, ryan and AC. Only 46 days until the Gathering, 41 until we are in LCC for our first ESA.

On a side note:
If the Bengals miss the playoffs, Parcells should have Coach of the Year wrapped up. Not that I am prejudice. Go Cowboys! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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hey, how did ryan get so much credit?

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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
hey, how did ryan get so much credit?

We should point out that gonzo did a lot of the leg work early on in the planning stages of this years Gathering.
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Gonzo did a lot of the leg work early on in the planning stages of this year's Gathering.


[ December 17, 2003, 01:05 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Who did a lot of the leg work early on in the planning stages of this year's Gathering?
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I'm STILL pretty sure it was Gonz who did a lot of the leg work early on in the planning stages of this year's Gathering.
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Thanks Gonzo. Thanks to the regular updates from Bob, we are ready to fly out right now!

Did I see in a previous post the Bob was hosting Gathering attendees after skiing. Was that everyday or just on the 1st.
Thanks, Bob. :
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the "apres-ski cocktail party" b.p definitely indicated as following ONE of the ski days.
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Bob, I was just kidding about the hosting. But seriously, as a relative (think WTFH) newcomer, I am continually amazed at the camaradarie and thrilled to be able to participate.

Hopefully after the Academy/Gathering, I will have more knowledge to share and be able give more. For future EpicSki events in the Iowa flatlands - we will host (don't tell my wife - I like to surprise her).
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I was kidding... sort of.

ryan's vastly better diplomacy & tact enabled smooth presentation, while I just did my usual pesky gadfly best.

ryan and JD - y'all better settle up now, I'm staying at the Hostel X, and already have blocked out 2 weeks around the time of the Gathering.
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Hello all , I have been a lurker and an odd poster here for a couple of years. Myself and some buddies are going to be in JH the same time as you folks .If I see a bear on skis , I will be sure to say hi.

Note: I'm not an odd lurker , I just post oddly . [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Yes, my wife and I are planning to host a sort of beverages-and-appetizers thing after skiing on Saturday evening, Jan 31. If all the Bears who are currently on the Gathering list actually show up, it should be quite chummy in our somewhat small condo. :

Now on to this "Iowa" connection. Where are you from? I was born in Iowa, went to ISU, and lived in and outside Des Moines for most of my life. I'm always anxious to meet another skiing Iowegian.


[ December 21, 2003, 06:44 AM: Message edited by: Bob.Peters ]
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Attended Drake U and stayed. Currently live in Waukee (western suburb of Des Moines).

I saw your Cyclones play the Sooners this fall. 3 years attending bowl games must have been enough, so the Cyclones took the year off. :

See you in January. If you're not busy in July - how about RAGBRAI (the only way to see hills in Iowa).

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posted by cjbrowns: For future EpicSki events in the Iowa flatlands - we will host (don't tell my wife - I like to surprise her).
OOOH! I'm soooo there! Will there be po'k chops for breakfast?
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Pending Confirmation Doc and I will arrive via NorthWest Air @ the expansive Jackson International Airport on:

January 29, 2004 @ approx. 6:30pm.

Staying at the Super 8

Departing: February 3, 2004 @ Approx. 8:30 am.

Our flights take us through Minneapolis. So if any other Bears are traveling the same route drop me a PM we will have some lay-over time to kill.

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