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You may want to try to get a cheap fair over here!
London to Jackson - £341, that's under $550, but it does mean flying NorthWest via Minneapolis.

I think I'll see if I can get my hands on an S4 - there's bound to be one lying around SLC that we could use...

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I can't get the link to open but I've made that drive a few times.
I went up to Cheyenne and over to Rock Springs on 80, then up from there. It takes quite awhile as I remember. Maybe 8 hours?
Once or twice I went up by Boulder and up to Laramie. That way includes Tie Siding Wyoming (pop. 8)

I've got lots of good memories of Jackson. The odds are against it but I'm going to try to make it.
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Guess I've thrown my hat into the ring. With my kids and I not going to JH over the holiday period like we normally do I felt compelled to make an annual pilgrimage. Thus, given the availability of some frequent flier tickets I am now set to head to JH for the gathering (and before and after as well).

Committee, any word on lodging? I think I should make a reservation soon and most require a desposit that may not be entirely refundable.
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Dear Si, our lodging decision...

Think "earthy ambiance."

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Judging by the feel around work lately, that just might be where I am staying ryan! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Si, we are working on it currently, and hope to have some decent choices narrowed down in the future. Stay tuned!
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I'd like to reserve one in the back with a mountain view please. Guess I'll have to bring my dog Jackson to Jackson for some heat!
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Originally posted by Si:
Guess I'll have to bring my dog Jackson to Jackson for some heat!
I dunno Si, from what I've seen, of Jackson, he would feeze his butt off in Jackson Hole.

Might want to get him a coat.

Make for a happier "dog"

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Until the power outage last night I was planning on putting up a picture of Jackson just to demonstrate what an evil deceiver that Alta guy is. However, let me just say for the record that Jackson is a very good looking yellow lab - better looking, in fact, than some "other" dog we have recently seen pictures of!
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originally posted by Altaskier:
Make for a happier "dog"
What the HELL is that?!?
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Its a Chinese Crested Hairless! Does anyone actually have one of those?????
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nolo - you're welcome (but I can't take credit, I was impartial)!

see you all in JH
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Kima. It is an easy drive. About 8 hours. We did it from Wail last season and it was snowing\blowing half the way but we still mantained a decent average. Probably an easier, if a little more boring from Denver as you do not have to do the Steamboat stretch. Share driving, take some music and you will be there in no time. Stop in Rock Springs for a picnic. Have a Gulag experience!!

As much as would like to be I will not be there for the gathering. I will be in Chamonix instead. I did a deal with the ex that she can take the boys to London for Christmas if she pays their airfare. I will fly over and pick them up and do Cham for three weeks with a ski family friends of mine and then bring them back to Oz.

Maybe next year. It will be a blast. JH rocks for all. A true belivers mountain in a most awesome setting.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Thanks Oz for the first hand info.
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
So I guess there weren't enough votes for Milton Keynes
Please make your cheques/checks payable to the "Campaign to Allow Skiing Here", or "C.A.S.H." for short, and send them to me.

P.P.S. What is the beer like in Wyoming?
funny - hee hee, i need in on that 'campaign'... and as far as the beer in wyoming, i am a big fan of 'bitch creek', not just for the name

any MT bears heading to this one...maybe a ski pool/car train could be arranged?
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Originally posted by Kima:
Question, has anyone ever driven from Denver? How long a drive was it? I know you arelooking into lodging, I was looking at http://www.hostelx.com that might fit in my budget. So if the drive is not to bad....
It took me a little over 12 to get to JH from Denver, barely 9 to get back. The difference was the weather going up SUCKED from Rocks Springs into JH, it was clear coming home.

The roads from Rock Springs North are uhm...."different" to say the least. It's mostly flat open space, cattle crossings and snow/wind packed roads for hours. Kind of like Kansas except it doesn't appear anything is plowed.

Also, be careful of the cops on the interstates up there South of Rock Springs to the CO line. I got caught doing 105 [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] It's so flat and straight, there's nothing else to do, lol. Funny thing was, the cop wasn't even pissed, he acted as if he just caught me doing 75 in a 70 zone. BTW, I was in a pack of cars all with WY plates that just kept going untouched. I was the only CO plate pulled over.
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OK folks,

Thanks to the hard work of RYAN we have some lodging info for you. Ryan has talked to two places and got the following info.

1. http://www.jacksonholesuper8.com/

The contact there is Patsy. They're eager to have us and the quote we got from her is for:

Two beds, five nights, 4 JH tix per person, comes out to $658.65, total (not per person), which includes tax. She refers us to their web page to determine OTHER prices (less tix, for example, or for one person, etc.); there is a table, she says, to refer to for price checking.

Patsy is the one to go through. She sounded eager to have us. Ryan guesstimated 30 of us, but indicated he has no idea of knowing for sure. She can be reached at 307-733-6833. You can also talk to Russ, her assistant manager.

2. http://www.anvilmotel.com/

Ryan also called the Anvil. They have everything open at this point, having had no reservations as far ahead as our group plans to be there.

We're looking at anywhere from $50-$70 per night, depending on the room requested. They do NOT offer any lift-included deals.

That is the first shot at the lodging info. We will be posting more. I have been told that we can work some deals through JH central reservations that would include room, lift tix and breakfast. More to come on that.


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Anyone want to share a room?
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Seems to me the JH Super 8 is quite a deal. At $658.65 for 5 nights and 4 lift tickets for 2 people, lodging breaks down like this:

4 day lift pass x2 = $480 (per JH website)

5 nights lodging for 2 = $178.65 (or $35.73/night)

That's a pretty good deal! Nice job Ryan and committee.
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rates page, JH super 8

Those of you considering this option might keep in mind when considering how many Jackson Hole tickets you'll want that there will be a contingent of Bears heading to Grand Targhee for a day, too.

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Fox, I am thinking about staying at the hostel X, if that is the kind of lodging you had in mind. $52 for the room with 4 twin beds.

I will be there 1/27 - 2/3.
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I may be able to fill 3 beds now.
(Not me, personally, I haven't put on that much weight, but there will be 3 of us from the UK, although we don't HAVE to share)

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I am trying to line up air/hotel and other stuff in the next couple of days. Do you want to IM me with your email and I will ping you when I have the room booked.
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I'm hoping to book flights this week, just need Cedric and Bob the Builder to let me know.
It's costing us £367.10 each (which is about $600 at the current rate) to fly London - Chicago - SLC, and then back from either Jackson or SLC.

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The Hostel has two types of rooms:

King rooms (one king bed, ideal for a couple) and bunk rooms (4 twin beds).

King = $55.12 per night
Bunk = $68.9 per night

I have already reserved a king room at the Hostel but If you want to share a bunk room and split the cost I would just change my reservation. They have plenty of space right now since it's so early.

I'm flying into Jackson on Wednesday January 28th and have booked six nights at the Hostel.

When are you arriving?

If we get a room for six nights and split the cost then it would only be $34.45 each per night or $206.70 for the six days.

If we had a third then we'd only pay:


a forth:


Not bad for six nights lodging within a snowball's throw from the Mangy Moose and a two minute walk to the tram dock.

I've stayed at the Hostel before and love it. The vibe is very cool and everyone is super friendly. The only thing they don't have is a hot tub. But I can pamper myself another time. The convenience of being on the mountain is worth it for me. I can always ride the bus into town at night for $2. The have coffee in the morning and will loan you a cooler for the time you are there to store beer or any food you pick up at the grocery. I've mastered psudo budget skiing since I have to make my cash stretch and I'd rather take more trips then eat out every night.

My departure time is flexible so if you are only coming out for 4 or 5 nights then that's fine. You'd just pay for however many nights you stayed and I'd cover the remaining night or nights.

I'm hoping to catch a ride back to SLC so I could hit Alta and the Bird for a couple days.

Anybody heading back down to SLC on Tuesday the 2nd?

Eug, PM me and we can discuss details.


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Carpool Information

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Hey are there any group accomodations? Maybe I missed something... with all this "buying" power we ought to be able to rangle a good deal on hotel- condo deals. Or is everyone crashing on some poor bastards dirty orange shag carpet? :
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also interested in Hostel X room share. I sent a PM to SeanyMac.
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Hey PD,

Can we get a official list of attendees in your origional post? Might help people start to see who is going and such. Also might help people who are on the fence. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Will do but be patient I am buried under a sea of white and it is not snow. Just say that we are contributing to the deforestation of the rain forest here.

Check ya,

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