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Mt Hood July 6th to 19th

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I'll be coaching at Gilboa's camp between those dates.
Any bears in the area stop and say hi. I'm the old guy with the handlebar moustache and the Ferrari hat. I get one afternoon off so it's possible to take a few runs after 12:00 that day. I'll let jyarddog know when.
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I will be up on one or more of the weekend days patrolling. I just have to get my schedule out and see when. I will post here in the on-hill-planning section when I find it.

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The 17th is the day. I will be up around 10:30 or so and get up with Slatz around noon at the top of Palmer most likely. Will coordinate times pretty soon. bob
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Gentlemen I tried to find Slatz on the 13th but Gilboa was not on the mountain. I will be up again on the 20th. But looks like I will miss the fun. Story of my life.

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Thanks for the effort.
The snow was pretty thin(not worth the price of a ticket) so jyarddog and I met in the parking lot and hung out.
We did manage to sip an iced latte at Mountain Mocha in Govy.
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Had a great time anyway. Solved all the problems of the world, and I didn't fall even once! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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jyarddog you must be practicing at home. Is Mahogany Ridge your favorite run now?
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Actually it was the picnic table behind the coffe shop.
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I made sure I sat waaaay forward, rather than in the backseat. (You know those picnic benches! They are not the newer shaped ones!) These conventional benches make you do a lot of unweighting, much like the stools at Mahogany Rige! And those stools! Wow- gotta realy keep those legs apart for stability!

Still working on my level 1 certification for stool ridding at MR! Slider will have to test me later. I'll do fine, I know. Slatz will put me through some good training for that. I need to work on that arm-lifting technique with a full brew while keeping the legs apart! tough to remember all these things at once. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Remember Skiers-Only 119 days left till ski season.

[ August 02, 2003, 01:00 PM: Message edited by: slider ]
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Hot-damn! I love it! but OSHA-approved? where da seat belt?
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Hi Disski,

I'll be up in Thredbo from next Sunday. Are you only there on the weekends or do you live there full time?
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I think you hit the wrong spot.
Thanks though, I might have missed slider's hot rod bar stool.
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